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Your business is our business

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail“ – Giorgio Armani

We go out of our way to understand the challenges you uniquely face to help you find the right solution.

Intellectual property underpins all of today’s businesses. Whether it’s a famous brand, a unique invention, creativity, unique knowledge, expertise or ideas.

At Virtuoso Legal, we have worked with a broad range of businesses to identify, create, grow and protect all that makes them unique.

Key to achieving excellent results is the ability to truly understand clients’ businesses inside-out - from the nature of its day-to-day activity, the challenges and opportunities present in the sector, to the fundamental vision that drive business direction.

Knowing a business and its sector in detail gives us the stance we need to achieve truly disruptive results.

As intellectual property specialists we work across a broad scope of business sectors and can quickly identify their challenges and opportunities. However, there are some sectors which we have particular expertise and experience in.​


Technology and technology-enabled businesses are driving today’s fastest-growing economies.

Technology and tech-enabled companies face a host of distinct challenges, including but not limited to: protecting the technology underlying their business and ensuring that unique knowledge and expertise is kept confidential and within the confines of the business.

Both instances (and the wider challenges technology businesses face) require nuanced strategies that are embedded with business practice to minimise risk and maximise profit. Our team are uniquely experienced in helping fast growing tech businesses grow rapidly and safely.


Business and technology are rapidly changing the face of healthcare. New innovative solutions and care pathways continually being made available to service users.

New health platforms and greater insight offered by more meaningful and abundant data has created a new frontier in healthcare. With this, a range of new opportunity spaces are emerging where innovations are making significant difference to services users healthcare outcomes.

With abundant opportunities come challenges, such as secure management of healthcare data, and research, development and ownership of new solutions. Virtuoso Legal are excellently placed from our previous experience enabling healthcare companies in their growth to assist this new generation of innovators.

Food and Drink

Today’s food and drink producers are passionate about bringing consumers new and exciting experiences, that go beyond the product itself. We share this passion.

In today’s food and drink marketplace, it is increasingly important to match an outstanding product with equally outstanding product positioning. Today’s big winners off the shelf are companies whose brands inspire consumers to engage with the product on a deeper level than simply a practical choice at mealtime.

Virtuoso Legal have assisted several food and drink producers in the creation and protection of their key brands, leading them to find positioning in national supermarkets and worldwide distribution online – as well as the consequent financial success.

Opportunities and challenges face food and drink producers in the coming years, with prospective changes particularly impacting import and export, as well as supply chain. However, partnership with experienced experts offers producers the possibility of navigating this changing space with confidence and category disruption in mind.


The changing face of education has offered abundant opportunity for innovation, with a range of new platforms and experiences making learning more immersive than ever.

Innovative technology and changes in attitudes increasing emphasis on life-long learning has ushered in a new landscape in the education sector. With workers having to be more flexible and versatile, continued learning and “skilling-up” will now be a large part of the majority’s career cycle. In addition to this, traditional educational structures find themselves modernising as they prepare the next generation for the future.

Virtuoso Legal are delighted to work alongside several partners in the education space to protect their assets, build their brands in an increasingly crowded marketplace and shape the future of learning.

Everything Else…

But we don’t stop there

Whilst Virtuoso Legal are particularly adept in many sectors; intangible assets and effective intellectual property management underpin the majority of fast-moving businesses today.

Whether it’s: identifying the intellectual property that exists within the business, creating world-beating brands, growing the value of an IP portfolio, securing confidential information, ensuring that IP is handled correctly by business partners...

There are hundreds of different ways that approaching intellectual property correctly can bolster business outcomes and bottom line. We are delighted to work with hundreds of businesses across the broadest scope of business areas to do just that.

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