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Our Mission

“Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission they are called to fulfil” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Solving your problem is only the beginning.

Like many other IP firms, we have market-leading experience, expertise and specialism – which means we can achieve your result quickly and cost-effectively.


Experience. Our senior team have over 70 years' worth of dedication to IP and gained experience at the largest firms around the world.

Expertise. We solve 99% of intellectual property queries, and those we are unable to solve we can refer to trusted others who can.

Specialism. IP is all we do, which means that our focus has always been on creating the kinds of solutions that your business is after.


You can read about some of the key results we have secured in our case highlights download below.


Our Case Highlights


But we are a lot more than the work that we do. At Virtuoso Legal, we consider the above to be the baseline for any IP solicitor.

We expect that you feel the same too.



Our mission is about more.


Our mission is to make IP legal services as straightforward, beneficial and pleasant for our clients as possible.

We understand that instructing lawyers for legal support can be daunting. Where our service really shines is taking care of everything to make your experience as smooth as possible.

To do this we adhere to a set of key promises in everything we do to achieve this mission. Take a look below


We're here to be a part of your bigger picture. Improving your business position by protecting your assets and enabling you to access new markets. We do what needs to be done to help you get there, not just what you need right now.


You’re fast-growing and we’re a partner in that process. We're here to put money on your bottom line and reduce your costs by reducing your risks.


We do what needs to be done, nothing more, nothing less. If we can’t help, we’ll say. If we can, we’ll do so with no jargon and no confusion. You know what you’re getting with us.


We believe in different views and ways of doing things that make the world better. We never do anything the way it’s always been done just because. We love to support our clients and partners in their revolution.


We're on your team, consistently delivering the exceptional service, depth of expertise and transparency you deserve.

We talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?

We know what you're thinking. 

"Ok, so that's what you say about yourself, but how do I know that it reflects the reality of working with you?"

For this, we defer to what the media, industry leaders, and most importantly, our clients say about us.

Please take a look below.



Members of the Virtuoso Legal team, and particularly founder and Principal Elizabeth Ward, have been tapped by the media as thought leaders within the industry.

Elizabeth has been asked to contribute in print, radio and television by commenting on complex IP issues.

If you are a media contact and would like to speak to Elizabeth, please visit our media relations page here.


Virtuoso Legal - Liz on BBC discussing an IP matter 


The industry

Virtuoso Legal is an award-winning law firm, who are also ranked alongside the top 2% of law firms in the world in industry-recognised legal directories.

Whilst we do not spend a large amount of our time self-aggrandizing (we prefer to spend that time helping our clients!) we are delighted to be recognised by our peers as a leading outfit.


Our clients

What matters most to us is:

  1. How our clients feel about our service
  2. How our service helps our clients' businesses take their next big step
  3. The relationship we build with our clients, as we become a trusted partner in their success for years to come.


Please visit our testimonials page to see what our clients say about us.





Let's get started.

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A bit about our history

Virtuoso Legal was founded by Elizabeth Ward in 2007, becoming one of the first dedicated intellectual property specialist firms in the UK.

Liz’s passion is to make businesses (including her own) world-class.

Ahead of the curve and understanding the growing role of IP in business growth – Virtuoso Legal now set the new standard for commercial intellectual property advice in the UK.

Liz’s first career was in the pharmaceutical industry. She then transferred her technical-scientific skills to the law and worked as an IP lawyer in several large law firms.

Virtuoso Legal was set up as an entirely new practice to disrupt outdated legal business models that she held were the root cause for the problems listed above.

“She’s really very dynamic and you get the feeling she will fight tooth and nail for the client.”

We can fulfil 99% of all IP requirements. Take a look at our high-profile success stories here

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