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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary problem solvers

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We live in extraordinary times. Today's businesses face extraordinary problems.

Virtuoso Legal doesn't do ordinary. We never have.

Businesses are held together by their big ideas, unique expertise and knowledge.

In this volatile climate this intellectual property (IP) needs protecting more than ever.

Our specialist team create legal solutions that are:

Fast, cost-effective and comprehensive.

Our clients enjoy clarity, certainty about the future and peace of mind that they are now on the front foot.

Whether you need to act decisively to protect your commercial interests in litigation or remove risk from your business, we can help you today.

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Successful Outcomes in Court


Successful Outcomes at Trade Mark Registries for Oppositions and Revocations


Success Rate on Registrations of Trade Marks and Designs


Successfully Completed Commercial IP Agreements

What are you looking for?

But don’t just take our word for it…

Simon Hartley, Business Founder

“Virtuoso Legal have given us tremendous value. I knew there were holes in our IP protection, but I didn’t know what or where. Virtuoso Legal helped us identify those holes which we’re now filling. I’m a great believer that finding partners in business is more beneficial than finding suppliers. I consider Virtuoso Legal to be a valued partner. I have no hesitation recommending them.”

We achieve remarkable results quickly and cost-effecitvely in law’s most complicated areas

IP Disputes

Intellectual property disputes are highly complicated, with many non-experts operating. Our specialist litigation team have set precedent several times, securing remarkable results for our clients against expert and non-expert alike.

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Trade mark disputes

Copyright disputes

Passing off disputes

Patent disputes

Data loss

Data protection

Brand disputes

Confidential information

Software disputes

Trade secrets

Brand Protection

The world’s most successful companies are known by their brands. Whether it’s their company name, or those of their products and services. We help clients navigate the complex process of creating, growing and protecting brands so they are built to last.

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Creating trade marks

International agreements

Creating design rights


Creating IP portfolios

Brand monitoring service

Brand valuations

Managing IP

Trade mark appeals, opposition and revocation

Brand and design registration

IP Commercialisation

Commercialising intellectual property means adopting the best strategies to turn your business’ big idea into a big bottom line.

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IP Acquisition

Licensing agreements

IP Sales

Supplier agreements

Distribution agreements

Commissioning agreements

Online sales agreements

Collaboration agreements

Agency agreements

Management agreements

Software licenses

Marketing agreements

(SASS) Software as a service agreements

Shareholders' agreements

Manufacturing agreements

International Trade

Exporting is an exciting prospect for businesses, but it is not without risk. Protecting your brands, design and inventions; as well as securing your key international partnerships is key to success. Our team can help you identify your priorities and achieve certainty.

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International trade marks

International licensing and manufacturing agreements

International design rights

Selling goods overseas

International distribution agreements

online International sales agreements

International agency agreements

International IP acquisition

International trade agreements

IP Strategy

Contemporary businesses move fast and need to outsmart and outmanoeuvre competitors. Big ideas soon become the backbone of a business. Proactive IP strategy can supercharge business growth. We are trusted partners to several innovative business in relation to keeping their best forward.

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IP audits and strategic review

Review of company structure and employment contracts

Forecasting and future planning

Holistic review and audit of business contracts

IP tax breaks

Here's how we do it…

Our specialist focus on IP alone helps our team achieve groundbreaking commercial results for our clients. We see case-winning detail that others cannot.

Read about some of our landmark successes below.

Case study

Invista Textiles (UK) Ltd & Anor v Botes & Ors [2019] EWHC 58 (Ch) (21 January 2019). High Court breach of confidence proceedings with highly technical disclosure.   In certain types of business, e.g. research and development, knowledge assets are incredibly valuable. It can be difficult to distinguish between knowledge created within the course of…
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Case study

Argos Limited v Argos Systems Inc.   Prior to the “digital age”, retailers would outbid one another for prestigious units on the High Street; those with the largest stores in the location with the greatest footfall usually succeeded. These days, customers prefer to purchase online rather than in-store. At present, the key digital “real estate”…
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Case study

Twentieth Century Fox v. Cyclone Events Limited and Stiwt Arts Trust Limited.   Original creative works, upon creation, are protected by copyright. The world of entertainment is filled with such works, including, film, music, television and more. Oftentimes, when works become popular they inspire the public to emulate them. In certain instances, this can result…
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Whether you’re an IP expert or a beginner, visit the Knowledge Base for the latest insight or FAQs

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