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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it"

Thomas Edison

We believe in IP that drives value in businesses.

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brand protection / trade marks / copyright / patents / design rights / confidentiality / ip disputes / commercial agreements / data protection / licensing / ip commercialisation / ip strategy / ip audits and valuations / and more.

IP that becomes more than just an idea...

We believe modern IP legal services should secure best-in-class intangible assets for businesses. Locking in reputation, revenue and future-growth, for decades to come.

Helping you adapt quickly and act decisively

The world is changing quickly.

We provide businesses with what they need to know to secure their interests in the marketplace as opportunities and challenges emerge.

Securing best-in-class IP assets

When businesses grow fast, IP is at the heart of it.

We believe that safe, rapid growth means securing IP right the first time, every time.

Your success is our success

The legal sector has a mixed reputation.

We build lasting partnerships with clients by working quickly, transparently, and with their goals firmly in mind.

Your big ideas deserve better.

Are you ready to turn your big ideas into best-in-class intangible assets that drive: reputation, revenue and future growth?

Whether you need to act decisively to protect your commercial interests in litigation or secure a world-beating brand, we can help today.

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Successful IP Litigation Outcomes


Successful Intellectual Property Office Actions


Successful Registration of Trade Marks and Designs


Brand Threats Identified and Neutralised

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But don’t just take our word for it..

Robert Manning, In-House Counsel, thebigword

“Virtuoso Legal have done some tremendous work for us over the years. They handled a case of trademark infringement on our behalf in 2017 and we were handed unprecedented damages. Crucially, our web traffic increased by 50 per cent after infringing domains were removed, making a very positive difference to our business growth.

Virtuoso Legal are so involved in our business and know so much about us, it’s as though we are all the most trusted of friends. I thoroughly recommend the services of Virtuoso Legal, especially to organisations doing much of their work digitally, needing serious protection of their valuable IP in an expanding and fast-changing environment.”

We help your business achieve the results it wants quickly and cost-effectively in law’s most complicated areas

IP Litigation

Businesses experiencing difficult need litigation support that is: decisive, commercial and quick to achieve results.

Our specialist legal team have set precedent several times, securing remarkable commercial results for our clients across the broadest scope of IP disputes.

Click below to learn more about how our experienced specialists can support you in achieving your ideal outcome from a dispute.

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Brand Protection

The world’s most successful companies are known by their brands. Today, protecting and growing your brand is requires constant vigilance across jurisdictions and marketplaces.

Through monitoring: trade marks, domains, marketplace listings and more; we can watch and intercept encroachment securing profits, and a pathway for your brands to grow for years to come.

Click below to learn how we can help you keep maintain complete vigilance over your brand portfolio.

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IP Commercialisation

Commercialising intellectual property means adopting the best strategies to turn your business’ big idea into a big bottom line.

Whether it is acquiring IP, licensing, franchising, or a host of other commercial arrangements; we can assist you in building a world-beating business on the backbone of your big idea.

Click below to learn about the ways in which we can assist you in making money from your ideas today.

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IP Acquisition

Licensing agreements

IP Sales

Supplier agreements

Distribution agreements

Commissioning agreements

Online sales agreements

Collaboration agreements

Agency agreements

Franchising agreements

Software licenses

Marketing agreements

(SASS) Software as a service agreements

Shareholders' agreements

Manufacturing agreements

IP Valuation

International Trade

Exporting is an exciting prospect for businesses, but it is not without risk. The key to smooth sailing is navigating this business ventures with best practices and legal frameworks.

We assist in protecting your brands, design and inventions internationally; as well as securing your key partnerships through robust legal mechanisms. Keeping you and your business safe at home and abroad.

Click below to learn how our team can provide you with certainty in your international operations.

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International trade marks

International licensing and manufacturing agreements

International design rights

Selling goods overseas

International distribution agreements

online International sales agreements

International agency agreements

International IP acquisition

International trade agreements

Third party agreements

IP Strategy

Contemporary businesses move fast and need to outsmart and outmanoeuvre their competitors. Big ideas are the backbone of a business in navigating its marketplace.

Our clients view us as trusted partners who provide proactive IP strategy supercharging their business growth. Our expertise and experience reveal decisive moves that help businesses leapfrog the opposition and secure themselves as market leaders.

Click here to learn more about how we can provide you with the cutting-edge critical insight to lead in your marketplace.

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IP audits and strategic review

Review of company structure and employment contracts

Forecasting and future planning

Holistic review and audit of business contracts

IP tax breaks

Research and development support

Success stories.

Your success is our success.

Our intellectual property solicitors' specialist focus on IP helps us achieve groundbreaking commercial results for you.

Read some examples of how we can help you in our successes stories below.

Case study

Invista Textiles (UK) Ltd & Anor v Botes & Ors [2019] EWHC 58 (Ch) (21 January 2019). High Court breach of confidence proceedings with highly technical disclosure.   In certain types of business, e.g. research and development, knowledge assets are incredibly valuable. It can be difficult to distinguish between knowledge created within the course of…
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Case study

Link Up Mitaka Ltd (t/a Thebigword) v Language Empire Ltd & Anor.   Maintaining a presence online is important to any contemporary business. For those who operate predominantly online this is especially important. Large scale companies, can often find that bad actors will utilize their brand (whether onsite, or within the domain name, for example)…
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Case study

Argos Limited v Argos Systems Inc.   Prior to the “digital age”, retailers would outbid one another for prestigious units on the High Street; those with the largest stores in the location with the greatest footfall usually succeeded. These days, customers prefer to purchase online rather than in-store. At present, the key digital “real estate”…
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Case study

Freshasia Foods Ltd v Jing Lu.   For any employer, your employees are your greatest assets, but they can often be the greatest threat to your business, especially when they leave for a competitor. For an employee, starting a new job is an exciting time of your life, but not if your former employer seeks…
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Case study

Twentieth Century Fox v. Cyclone Events Limited and Stiwt Arts Trust Limited.   Original creative works, upon creation, are protected by copyright. The world of entertainment is filled with such works, including, film, music, television and more. Oftentimes, when works become popular they inspire the public to emulate them. In certain instances, this can result…
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Case study

Glencairn IP Holdings Limited v. Dartington Crystal (Torrington) Limited.   For manufacturers of category-leading designs, the threat of having a popular line removed from sale (let alone stock destroyed) is enough to elicit sleepless nights. It is crucial to be able to protect such designs from encroachment from competitors and defend them should the same…
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