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Virtuoso Legal
Intellectual property lawyers.

Making your big idea a reality.

Maximize the value of your intellectual property with the help of experienced professionals.

As specialist intellectual property lawyers, Virtuoso Legal solve IP problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Virtuoso Legal provides businesses like yours with efficient and cost-effective solutions to all IP-related issues. From registering trademarks to navigating complex disputes, our team of experts has the knowledge and skill to get the job done right the first time.

At Virtuoso Legal, we understand that excellent legal service is about more than simply completing tasks. We go the extra mile to ensure that our solutions align with your business goals and deliver the best possible commercial outcome for you.

This means taking time to understand your goals and achieving the best commercial result for you.

Don't let your intellectual property become a liability. Trust the experts at Virtuoso Legal to protect your assets and drive your business forward. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team today and take the first step towards safeguarding your IP.

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Successful IP Litigation Outcomes


Successful Intellectual Property Office Actions


Registration of Trade Marks and Design Rights


Threats Identified and Neutralised

What our clients say...

Robert Manning, In-House Counsel, thebigword

“Virtuoso Legal has done some tremendous work for us over the years. They handled a case of trademark infringement on our behalf and we were handed unprecedented damages. Crucially, our web traffic increased by 50 per cent after infringing domains were removed, making a very positive difference in our business growth.”

Search our growing library of resources and discover the power of IP.

Success stories.

We succeed because you do.

Our intellectual property solicitors' specialist focus on IP and your commercial objectives help us secure groundbreaking results for you.

Read some examples of how we can help you in our success stories below.


Case study

Ex-employees of a biotechnology giant contacted the Virtuoso Legal team when their previous employers brought a claim. Having set up their own business, the giant claimed they were using of confidential info and breaching their old contracts. We successfully stepped in to defend the ex-employees in the High Court in a highly technical David versus…
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Case study

An international linguistic services company found a third-party website using its brand selling services. The team at Virtuoso Legal investigated, finding a competing company had set it up and had been siphoning business through the site. This was a cybersquatting and trade mark infringement case, resulting in a record cost and damages award. Click to…
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Case study

A complex case involving trade mark use, Google AdSense advertising and the domain name "".  Virtuoso Legal client Argos Systems (USA) receive a High Court claim from retailer Argos (UK) relating to the domain and associated issues. Claim is defended by Virtuoso Legal, through the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.  …
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Case study

An ex-employee of a world food company left the company seeking to work for a competitor. Following this, the prior employer brings an interim injunction on the basis of a breach of contract and restrictive covenants. Virtuoso Legal assisted Mr. Jing Lu in defending the interim injunction, subsequently winning the case in the High Court.…
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Case study

We were contacted by Cyclone Events and Stiwt Arts Trust to assist them in defending a copyright claim from 20th Century Fox. After putting on a performance of "The Greatest Showman" the small Welsh theatre and arts company found themselves in hot water. We stepped in to help by limiting the scope and severity of…
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Case study

Defending against an interim injunction brought on the basis of an allegation of design right infringement. The design in question concerned a "whisky experience tasting glass". Halting the injunction in its tracks, deploying a range of other strategies were taken to secure our client's position. This then led to a confidential settlement between the parties.  …
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A 360° approach to protecting what makes your business unique

IP Litigation | Resolving Intellectual Property & Trademark Disputes

Click below to learn more about how our team of IP litigation specialists can achieve your ideal outcome from an intellectual property violation.

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Trade mark disputes

Copyright disputes

Passing off disputes

Patent disputes

Design right disputes

Data loss

Data protection

Brand disputes

Breach of confidential information

Software disputes

Trade secrets disputes

IP interim injunctions

Website disputes

Licensing disputes

IP restrictive covenants

Breach of IP contract disputes

360° Brand Protection | Vigilance Online and Offline

Click below to learn how our lawyers can help you keep complete vigilance over your brand protection portfolio.

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Trade Mark and Brand Registration

Registered Design Rights

Comprehensive Brand Monitoring and Landscaping

Creating and Managing Brand Portfolios

Forecasting International Brand Deployment

Counterfeit Monitoring and Enforcement

Domain Monitoring, Strategy and Enforcement

Blockchain Monitoring

Brand Valuations and Audits

IP Management and Process Development

Brand Appeals, Opposition and Revocation

Online Marketplace Enforcement

Trademark Registration | Creating Brands That Last

Click below to learn about how our intellectual property lawyers help secure the best possible trademark registration for you.

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Expert trademark clearance

Brand landscaping

Tailored trademark specifications

Trademark registration gap analysis

Trademark watching services

Trademark portfolio management

Trademark notifications and risk registers

UKIPO trademark registration, oppositions and invalidations

EUIPO trademark registration, opposition and invalidation actions

WIPO trademark registration

International trademark registration

Visit our Knowledge Base for FAQs and insight into recent IP cases

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