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We are delighted that you are considering Virtuoso Legal as the next step in your career.

It is as important to us that we are the right match for you, as much as you are for us.

We would like to give you some information which will help you:

  • Identify whether we are the right fit for you
  • Improve your chance of a successful application


We encourage you to read this information carefully before applying for a role, as we are looking to speak to candidates with matching expectations. Good luck!


Often it is the case that we do not have a specific vacancy available, but that does not mean we don’t want to hear from you. In that situation, we encourage you to send in an application citing your specified or potential role and we will keep your information on file for consideration when an appropriate opportunity does present itself in the next 12 months.


Our Purpose, Vision, and Values

A full description of our purpose, vision, and values can be found on our dedicated page.

Do note that we seek candidates who share the same values as the organisation as this is something that results in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our purpose is to make our clients’ businesses stronger by unlocking their IP potential.

Our vision is to become a trusted legal partner for fast-growing and ambitious businesses.

We achieve this through our values. We are:

  • Commercial – client results come first
  • Proactive – we help businesses stay ahead of the curve, rather than react to it
  • Honest – we are ready to have difficult conversations with clients, if in their best interests
  • Transparent – we are clear on price, progress, and expectations
  • Effortless – we want to make our client’s lives simpler, and not more complicated

We hope that as a candidate you share these values too.


What You Can Expect from Virtuoso Legal


A firm that trains true specialists

Virtuoso Legal are a non-traditional law firm comprised entirely of intellectual property specialists. If you are not seeking to completely specialise in this area, we urge you to reconsider your application. If you are, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to work alongside a team of dedicated intellectual specialists on a varied and challenging caseload.


A firm that is dedicated to client success above all else

The firm is committed to securing the best possible results for our clients. Success is defined by our clients, and we fight tooth and nail to achieve their commercial goals. This means all members of the legal team are intimately involved with casework and client relations from traineeship upwards. This provides team members with a unique training profile and a very hands-on experience that few other firms offer.

If you are not comfortable with engaging directly with clients throughout the course of a matter – a role within our team may not be for you. If impactful engagement with clients is something you find interesting, you will enjoy advanced responsibility and unique ownership over matters you are working on.


A firm that trusts you to succeed

We build trust in how we work together; we show up for each other and our clients. Striking the right balance between work and life is important to us. We are committed to helping employees excel both professionally and outside of work. Our team members enjoy trust and autonomy once they are proven performers. We do not work people into the ground, but team members are also expected to be ready to step up to bat when needed to see matters through to its conclusion.

If you are looking for a highly structured role where you will be micromanaged and held to arbitrary targets, we would encourage you to consider other options. If you are interested in a healthier balance, working with our team and helping us achieve exceptional results provides the opportunity to self-define and work flexibly.


A firm that stands for something more

The firm actively promotes diversity. We welcome people from all backgrounds equally as we believe a modern law firm must reflect the world it serves. We actively listen to each other and seek to improve the work environment every day. We pay competitive salaries and our team enjoys performance-based bonuses, pension, and a supportive training environment. We financially support staff training courses as this is core to what we do. We also offer help with funding for some training courses and are registered with the Home Office as a sponsor for overseas candidates.

We were established in 2007 as an antithesis to many of the ills within the legal sector. Whether it is inequitable hierarchies, unhealthy expectations on staff, a lack of diverse representation, and more. If you are seeking a firm that operates in the old structure, please reconsider. If you are looking to be part of a firm that is looking to set the standard for legal practice in the future, we are excited to speak with you.


Things that we are not

It is important that candidates are aware of what we are not when they apply. Please take this into consideration in your application.


A traditional law firm

We are not a traditional law firm with multiple layers of management and career grades. If you wish to grind with dozens of others in a rigid structure, then you may wish to consider other options. We are seeking people who will rise to the challenge and shine in what they do. We notice and situate excellent team members at the centre of everything we do.


Driven by status

We operate a “no-blame culture” where hard work is recognised and fairly rewarded. We do not value big egos or status drivers typical within the industry. If are driven to work for a Magic Circle firm, then you may wish to explore other options. We are a specialist law firm; our value drivers lie elsewhere. We operate differently from the bigger law firms for a reason. Ask us if you want to know why.


A training firm

Our trainees receive fantastic experience leading to a uniquely well-rounded skill set. If we train you and you excel we want to retain you when you qualify. Your career is important to us and we make space, opportunities, and financial reward to proven performers who embody our vision and values. We understand that people can move on for a variety of reasons. However, wherever possible we seek a long-term commitment from our team from the outset to reflect the investment made in any candidate. We seek to make this investment mutually beneficial across all career stages.



We’re sited in Leeds, and we like to see people at the office. We do not train elsewhere and whilst that may change in the future, be aware that if you are seeking a traineeship you may need to resituate to Leeds. Whilst we do operate flexibly we have found that attendance with the team in person has helped develop our best candidates. Note that our caseload includes trial attendance in London as well as national and international work. Whilst based regionally – the firm has a global scope for candidates to sink their teeth into.


Qualities That We Look for In Successful Candidates

  • A passion for intellectual property
  • Conscientious, resilient, and emotionally intelligent
  • Versatile, enthusiastic and
  • A self-starter who prioritises workload and maximises their impact in the firm’s success
  • Able to think on feet and show a solutions-based mentality to challenges as they arise
  • Driven to support other members of the team in achieving shared goals
  • Excited to partner with clients to secure their commercial interests
  • Organised and helpful
  • Rounded people with historically developed people skills


How to Apply

If you believe we are the right fit for you (and you for us) please submit an application to our careers team for review.

An application should be comprised of a cover letter, providing some background and information about your suitability for a role with us, as well as a traditional CV providing relevant details of previous experiences and employment.

Within the cover letter, please also feel free to include more information about yourself, as we consider character and personality as an essential part of the hiring process. We are not looking to hire machines!

Submit applications to:, with cover letter and CV attached to the email using the below formats.

Cover letter: Firstname_Lastname_CoverLetter_DDMMYYYY.pdf

CV: Firstname_Lastname_CV_DDMMYYYY.pdf

We wish you the best of luck!


Current Vacancies

We do not have any listed vacancies at this time.

However, we would like to hear from you if you believe you are a suitable candidate. Get in touch and best of luck!​


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