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Purpose, Vision and Values

“Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission they are called to fulfil” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To achieve anything beyond the ordinary, it is vital to have a clear mission.

Our mission at Virtuoso Legal is encapsulated by our purpose, vision and values.


Our Purpose

Our sole purpose is to make your business: stronger, fitter for the future and more profitable by unlocking the dormant power of IP in your business. Everything we do at Virtuoso Legal serves this purpose and this purpose alone.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become trusted partners to the next generation of fast-growing, ambitious businesses and in-house legal people assisting them in exceeding their own expectations for what success can be.


Our Values

Our values have been carefully selected to ensure that we fulfil our purpose and vision, they are:


We take the time to understand the commercial aspects of your business and ascertain the ideal outcomes that can be achieved. In every instance we put your business’ best interests first.


We believe in being strategic not reactive in everything we do, offering advice, insight and help at every beneficial opportunity so that you are continually aware of the status of your matter. You will be continually informed of your best options.


We are committed to being 100% honest – even if that means our advice is difficult to accept. We will always present you with the best course of action, even if it is challenging or can be viewed to be against our own interest.


We shall provide expert advice within budget and in a timely fashion. You will never be in the dark about legal costs, and no work will be undertaken without express informed consent.


We believe in providing advice in plain English. We provide clear, concise advice that you understand and can act on in a fully informed way.

What does this mean for our clients?

We have taken time to understand the pain points prospective clients encounter when instructing solicitors.


We are Value for Money

For all our clients, time and money are precious resources. We ensure that these are wisely invested in intangible assets for your business that pay off in the long term. We will not undertake work that does make commercial sense for your business.


We Offer Clear, Concise Advice

We understand that businesses are people and we have a genuine stake in your personal success. We take the time to explain complex matters to you in plain English so you can make fully informed decisions, knowing your next best steps.


We are Your Trusted Advisors

You will know who you are working with, and you will be able to speak to them about your business on your terms. Your success is our success, and we seek to build long term partnerships with our clients to ensure secure business growth for years to come.


We know that businesses are looking for a new type of legal advisors who are commercial, straight-forward and transparent. That's why we set out to be different in everything we do.


We are Virtuoso Legal.

Who are Virtuoso Legal?

Virtuoso Legal was founded by Elizabeth Ward in 2007, becoming one of the first dedicated intellectual property specialist firms in the UK.

Liz’s passion is to make businesses (including her own) world-class.

Ahead of the curve and understanding the growing role of IP in business growth – Virtuoso Legal now set the standard for commercial intellectual property advice in the UK.

Liz’s first career was in the pharmaceutical industry. She then transferred her technical-scientific skills to the law and worked as an IP lawyer in several large law firms.

Virtuoso Legal was set up as an entirely new practice to disrupt draconian legal business models and the outdated framework of existing firms, that are the root cause for the problems listed above.

“She’s really very dynamic and you get the feeling she will fight tooth and nail for the client.”

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