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Outlook 2022 – A message from principal and founder Elizabeth Ward

The beginning of each year always brings with it both time to reflect and the opportunity to plot new courses.

The past two years have, of course, offered their own unique pause for thought.

Every business owner I know has had to brace themselves against unwelcome challenges.

It also meant adjusting course to adapt to a world that changed overnight.

Thankfully, unprecedented innovation meant that novel vaccine technology was developed and mobilised at a record pace.

This has saved countless lives and given us hope that a semblance of normality ("new" or otherwise) is close.

Without exaggeration, this achievement is on a par with mankind's greatest - and should be viewed as such.

Whilst the jury is still out on timelines, the light at the end of the tunnel is much closer than it would have been as a result.

With that, we all have a brighter outlook this year than we would have had thanks to ingenuity, innovation and novel technology.


Quickly scaling the power of great ideas


When problems arise, we humans have the uncanny ability to innovate solutions and deploy them at scale.

The best of these solutions not only work - but work better than what we had before.

What's more, like mRNA technology, they can be used in a number of additional ways that go beyond their initial use case. We're only seeing the beginning of this at the moment.

This is what progresses us all forward - whether in the commercial, consumer or civic sphere.

As the fallout of the past couple of years comes into focus, a host of new problems need solving.

Think about:

  1. The "work at home revolution" and how this is changing how cities work
  2. The changing face of personal healthcare and medicine
  3. The supply chain and logistics issues experienced worldwide

(And a lot more)...

We're not in Kansas anymore.

There's a lot of aftermath.

The good news is, We are also at the crest of a swelling wave of solutions that will solve the challenges we face and reshape the world into a better place.

Most importantly, there's abundant opportunity for those who take the role of "solution provider".

(As many of you have and continue to do so).

Providing a product or service which makes people's lives easier or enjoyable has never been more in demand.


We're here to help


As always, Virtuoso Legal are here to help you all in achieving this.

IP is a broad area that offers innovators many ways to:

  1. harness the power of their ideas
  2. protect them from being copied by others
  3. financially fuel their continued growth

I would be more than happy to talk to each and any one of you who are seeking to bring innovation to the market this year.

Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here's to a brighter 2022.

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