World of IP Round Up: February 2018 | Uber v. Waymo Concludes in Dramatic Fashion

World of IP: February | Uber V Waymo Concludes in Dramatic Fashion

World of IP: February | Uber V Waymo Concludes in Dramatic Fashion


With February gone, 2018 is well and truly underway (and we’re nearly a quarter of the way through!)

Whilst February is always a short month – there was an abundance of big news in the IP sphere.

Without further ado, here’s all the news from the World of IP.


World of IP Round Up: The Big Ones

Surprise settlement in the Waymo v. Uber Case:

The biggest news to come out of February was the surprise conclusion of the Waymo v. Uber case in the US after two days of drama.

There were many different areas of intrigue when it came to the case – which have been covered across a number of posts online.

Read More about the settlement from

Read More about the fallout from 

Read more about what this means for trade secrets from 


Louboutin’s Red Sole Up for Discussion Once More

It seems that the pendulum will continue to swing in Louboutin’s efforts to secure and retain a trade mark for the shape and colour of their highly-regarded red heeled shoes.

After securing a trade mark in India, as reported last month, Advocate General Szpunar suggested that a trade mark combining a colour and a shape may be refused or declared invalid.

This puts Louboutin’s registration attempts under some jeopardy – leading them to rebuke these claims strongly.

Read More via 

IP increasingly becoming a bone of contention between the US and China

The value of IP is ever-increasing – and the effect of watertight IP protection can shape the fortunes of nations.

No more is this fact being seen in the current posturing between the US and China.

The US have been critical of China across a number of IP issues, including theft of corporate secrets, suspicion over Chinese technology and counterfeiting – in recent times.

As we saw last month, China are making public moves to quash forms of IP infringement and increase trust for international brands and businesses. Regardless, tensions remain.

In the meantime – China have been making strong moves in the IP sphere – amassing a range of patents in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and deep learning.

Read More about the US’s suspicion of and  ban on Chinese hardware in government via 

Read More about Chinese businesses registering patents in the US via  

UK Leading the Way!

Closer to home, the UK IPO has opened up a consultation period for businesses to contribute to the formulation of law around the new EU Trade Secrets directive.

As a “directive” (and unlike a regulation such as GDPR) – it is down to domestic governments within the EU to formulate laws around the regulation.

Cooperation between the government and business here demonstrates the collaborative relationship that legislators and businesses enjoy in the UK.

In addition, CITMA research found that the UK is the leading country for trade mark protection and the 2nd best for IP protection worldwide. Not bad!

Read more about the consultation on the EU Trade Secrets Directive via @The_IPO

Read More about CITMA’s findings that the UK is the leading country for trade mark protection via 


World of IP Round Up: The Best of the Rest

Haters did hate on Taylor Swift’s attempt to trade mark her famous lyric. Unfortunately for her, that hater was a judge. |

Ford fails to oppose “Lynk&Co” as an infringement of their “Lincoln” brand, at the UKIPO |

That big American football game and intellectual property protection |

The evolution of the modern shoe, a story told in patents |

Fashion brand Diesel targets counterfeiters (and makes a killing) with it’s own “fake fakes”! |

If an AI creates a piece of music, or artwork… who owns the copyright? |

China renews ‘Scotch whisky’ trademark during UK PM’s trade visit |

Nokia sees remarkable recovery due to patents and IP |

DENIC begins asking people the purpose behind their WHOIS query – hinting at how the service will work post-GDPR |

With the big egg ball kick American game happening this weekend, Foley Hoag’s professionals run through some of the interesting IP law surrounding the game |

KISS, the band (and empire) that trade marks made |

Amazon leapfrog Apple and Google; now the world’s most valuable brand |

Amazon patent suggests their warehouse workers might be getting tracking devices fitted |

All smiles? Well, no. But “Grumpy Cat” may be smiling on the inside after wining a significant copyright claim|

Redbox Counterclaims Against What it Sees as Disney’s Overextended Use of it’s Copyrights |

Canadian media set up initiative to fight copyright piracy by blocking websites. |

Conor McGregor fighting for a range of trade marks, drawing ire from Mac for cosmetics. Submission finish imminent? |

DJ Khaled opposes trade mark registration that oft repeated “We The Best” dictum |

Competitors allege Rubik’s Cube has become generic – seek revocation of trade marks |

15x increase in patent filings in India (up to 909 from 61), suggest that country is on the verge of an innovation boom! |

Thelonius Monk Jr. wins case against Northern California Brewery for using his father’s likeness across a range of peripheral products |

Counterfeit saddles threaten horses and age-old saddler’s craft in Australia |

Roc-A-Fella diamond hand symbol to be trade marked? |

Apple patent a stylus that can draw on any suface and mid-air|

“Uhssup”! Samsung Files Trademark for Social Network |

Ralph Lauren fails in attempt to invalidate Berkshire Polo Club Ltd.’s mark in Singapore |

Even the smallest brands are not safe from counterfeiters |

HSBC lose “Hamilton” trademark to revocation|

As a leader in the field, why doesn’t Tesla have any self-driving car patents? |

After Superbowl blitz, Philly citizens rush to trade mark “philly special”; after the legendary game winning play |

America’s oldest brewery withdraws ‘Philly Special’ trademark application; allowing a free touchdown run for the Philadelphia Eagles |

Huawei Trademarks “MateX”, Suggesting Launch of New Smartphone |

The impact of a powerful brand! Viewers mistake South Korean flag for Pepsi logo |

Birth of giant panda cub in Tokyo zoo leads to rush to trade mark “Xiang Xiang” name |

These colour-swapped trade marks show how colour can be as iconic to tm’s as shape and words |

Microsoft successfully sue Corel for patent infringement in it’s software |

Is it feasible to try to enforce “Taco Tuesday” as a trade mark? |

A cross-section trade mark perhaps lacking a bit of bite? Snickers register cross section of their bar in the US |

San Diego coffee-shop step up to defend their use of “Freestyle Xpresso” from trade mark infringement claim by Coca-Cola |

Little month, lots of news!

Plenty of reading for you to bite into – and plenty more to come this year.

We will see you for next month’s World of IP Round-Up.

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World of IP Round-Up February | Uber v. Waymo Concludes in Dramatic Fashion was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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