Welcome to the team, Hallam Whitehead!

Hallam Whitehead holds the Virtuoso Legal sign
Hallam Whitehead joins Virtuoso Legal!

Virtuoso Legal welcomes Hallam Whitehead to the Virtuoso Legal team where he will train as a trainee solicitor in the new year.

Hallam has a storied history with Virtuoso Legal, as both the recipient of the Virtuoso Legal award for Intellectual Property, and a twice successful work placement candidate.

Excellence across the board in these instances convinced senior members of Hallam’s capability and potential.

We are delighted to welcome him to the team, and anticipate great things for him.

Director of the London Office, and head of the contentious team, Philip Partington commented:

Whether it was winning our Award for Intellectual Property, or his success over two work placements – Hallam has quickly demonstrated his credentials as an excellent up-and-coming IP prospect.

We are very excited to see him continue to grow and deliver for our clients.”

– Philip Partington

Vice-principal and head of the non-contentious team, Kirsten Toft commented:

I am delighted to welcome Hallam as a trainee solicitor at Virtuoso Legal.

I am sure he will be of real benefit to our growing team.

I look forward to seeing him develop into an exceptional IP solicitor.”

– Kirsten Toft

Principal and founder Liz Ward commented:

Hallam came to do work experience at Virtuoso Legal in 2018 and impressed us early on with his knowledge and work ethic.

Virtuoso Legal sponsor the Intellectual Property Award at Leeds Beckett University and Hallam not only topped the class receiving the award – but then went onto obtain his Masters in IP at the University of Leeds.

We’re always on the look out for outstanding trainees and solicitors and as such, we’re delighted to welcome Hallam to our team of experts.”

– Liz Ward

Finally, Hallam commented:

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join the team at Virtuoso and look forward to working in the legal field which I have long hoped to.

On a personal note, I am delighted to now be in a position to utilise the knowledge I have gained through my studies to make meaningful contributions for Virtuoso clients.

Virtuoso are a unique firm in the field of Intellectual Property and I am excited by the prospect of being a part of their continued growth and rewarding the opportunity which I have been afforded.

My immediate aim is now to work hard in my training to become a real asset to the Virtuoso team.”

– Hallam Whitehead

If you would like to speak to Hallam, or any of Virtuoso Legal’s team of intellectual property specialists, leave a request in the contact form below or call:

0113 237 9900

Welcome to the team, Hallam Whitehead! was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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