Weekly Newsletter: Thinking of doing business in China? 7 Things you need to know.

If you thought Amazon was big – just look at Alibaba!

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Retail is big business in China; and online retailing now accounts for around 60% of all sales. Alibaba – the main e-tailer in China – is bigger than Amazon and eBay combined. The good news for UK businesses is that the Chinese love British brands. So much so that both M&S and Sainsbury’s have a significant online presence there (with no traditional stores). Notably, there’s also a trend away from the traditional bricks and mortar in luxury retail in China. Instead the Chinese tend to come to the UK to shop for luxury items directly! Indeed one factory outlet in Bicester is a favourite shopping destination in the UK for Chinese tourists (as are some shops in Leeds’ prestigious Victoria Quarter).
We act for many ambitious and fast growing businesses that have brands as core assets. Several of them already have a significant presence in China and for all of them it is a rapidly growing market with substantial opportunities.
So if you’re eyeing up China as a possible market, here are 7 things you need to know.

Weekly Newsletter: 7 Things UK Exporters Need to Know About China

1. Get registered

If you’re selling to the Chinese or having goods made over there, you must get your trade mark registered there. Without a registered trade mark, you can’t get brand protection on Alibaba (or indeed anywhere else).
2. Be prepared to enforce
Enforcement of trade mark in China is carried out by the police using criminal sanctions. This means that infringers can be put in prison (they don’t always stay there that long but that’s another issue!) However, before the police will act, the brand owner must prepare their case and conduct trap purchases. Also bear in mind that documentation needs to be put together by local professionals.
3. Secure a portfolio of all relevant IP
If you register your brand in China, think about getting logos, images and colours registered as well as your wordmark. This can be useful as these are easily recognised; and your wordmark or slogan may not be so effortlessly understood by non-English speakers.
4. Don’t forget to translate your major marks
Think about having a translation of your main trade mark into Chinese. This is quite standard practice and whilst it increases cost, it decreases wriggle room for infringers. This kind of infringement is something we have seen happen many times; and it can really damage a company’s prospects in a major market.
5. Be prepared to put stock and personel in China
Think about employing local agents or distributors in China to hold stock for you – it can make shipping easier. Whilst it might seem easier to ship from the UK – once you have thousands of orders coming in, you might change your mind!
6. Put your Chinese customers at the forefront of your mind
Think about having your website and product information professionally translated into Mandarin. It’s common sense to make sure that Chinese customers will be able to easily navigate your site and product range in their native language.
7. Put “Britishness” in pride of place
Consider putting a Union Jack logo on your products. “Made in Britain” it seems is being regarded as a major sign of quality. Tastefully emphasising the provenance of your products may increase their demand – if the current trend remains true.

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