Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight: Ilona Drew

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight Ilona Drew

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight: “London Baby” – Image Courtesy of Ilona Drew © 2017-


At Virtuoso Legal we act on behalf of: multinational corporations, new businesses looking to make their mark – and everyone else in between.

In each and every case, the goal is to help these businesses harness their IP, and take their next big step.

In this new series of monthly blogs, Virtuoso Legal talks to some of our clients to gain insight into their journey.

This is the Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight!

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight: Artist and Designer, Ilona Drew

The first of our clients to take the stage is Ilona Drew, the incredible mind behind “I Drew This”.

Illona specialises in illustration and surface pattern design. With a BA and MA in Surface Pattern; plus 13 years experience designing for the high street. Ilona’s designs are first class; and she is becoming rapidly known for her colourful artwork that vibrantly depicts local and famous landmarks.

Check out her website, to see if she has been nearby, and created stunning work in your area!

We spoke to Ilona to talk about growing a design business from the ground up, travelling the country, and what it takes to fuel successful business with your passion.

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight Ilona Drew

“Angel of the North” – Image Courtesy of Ilona Drew © 2017-

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up with artistic parents and found myself on my own creative journey starting at art college, I went on to complete a BA (Hons) at Staffordshire University followed by an MA then known UCE. My career began at a greeting card publishers where I learnt a lot about the industry. A move to Brighton took me to another large publisher before taking the plunge and going freelance. After a few years exploring creative routes I found myself back in the greeting card world and took a stand at my first trade show (PG Live) in 2012. From here I slowly began growing my company and am now proud to have developed my artwork into a style which is liked all across the country and beyond. My work is colourful happy and very much my own style. My “Landmarks” range was awarded best art in the Industry awards The Henries in 2016 and I now proudly supply over 200 stockists across the country.”

What challenges do you face when it comes to doing what you do?

Growing a business on my own is a challenge, I started off wanted to make money out of my art and have had to learn pretty quickly about how to run a successful business.  I am lucky to have a network of professionals I can turn to for advice when I need it. I also have to consider always getting the right deal for my work.”

How does Virtuoso Legal help you out?

Virtuoso have been a great support to me by offering advice on protecting and growing my brand, creating documents to use when negotiating contracts and how to market my artwork. I feel well supported knowing they are there and know me and my companies aims.”

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight Ilona Drew

“Edinburgh Castle” – Image Courtesy of Ilona Drew © 2017-

What does the future hold now?

My plan is to continue growing my business, maintain it successfully, grow great relationships with my customers and always strive to push my creativity by producing beautiful original artwork that people love.”

Head of IP Protect Philip Partington worked alongside Ilona to achieve these outcomes. Of Ilona, Phil said:

Virtuoso Legal love to work with people like Ilona, designers and artists face great challenges bringing their work to market – and, as with everyone, a lack of legal expertise can sometimes hinder them commercially. We were delighted to assist Ilona in a number of ways to make sure that her artwork is fully protected.

Ilona came to us when British Airways were looking for a designer to provide artwork for products in the i360 gift shop. This is an incredible contemporary landmark in Brighton, featuring an observation tower. Unsurprisingly BA found Ilona, who happens to be a local Brighton resident.

As you can imagine, Ilona was delighted to learn that she had been chosen over so many other artists to supply the i360. However, as with any small business, negotiating a contract with a company the size of British Airways could be daunting to say the least.

We were delighted to assist Ilona and ensure that she was well placed in negotiations. We cannot wait to see what she achieves in the future and wish her every continued success.

A big thanks to Ilona for talking to us in the first ever Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight. An even bigger congratulations on the success so far – and the biggest of all; for the successes to come in the future!

Visit Ilona’s Site

Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight Ilona Drew

“Glasgow University” – Image Courtesy of Ilona Drew © 2017-

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Virtuoso Legal Client Spotlight: Ilona Drew was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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