He’s Stolen My Website! – 10 Things to Consider When Having a Website Developed.

Of all the issues I receive calls about, problems with website development are by far the most common. When you actually think about how intrinsically linked the success of many businesses is to the correct operation of their website – it is easy to see why.

Enter stage left Emma (name changed for anonymity). Emma has a successful online business selling beauty products. She has enjoyed ten profitable years selling her wares from her website. These ten years have generated her a mountain of goodwill not only with her customers but more importantly with Google and its mysterious organic search ranking system.

Your websites standing with Google can make or break your business. An entire industry is built on the areas of organic optimisation and website search engine rankings. Getting on page one of Google is seen by many as the holy grail of online marketing.

Emma now wants to update her tired looking webpage and has commissioned a developer to build her a snazzy new site. Enter stage right Dave. Dave is a freelance web designer who works out of his back bedroom. Dave and Emma agree over the phone that Dave will design Emma a brand new website. Following that agreement Emma hands over all the passwords to her website and leaves the development of the website in Dave’s capable hands. All sounds good so far doesn’t it?

Unfortunately this tale takes a dark turn for poor Emma. 6 Months on Emma still doesn’t have a working website. Despite verbal assurances from Dave, the website is not functioning. Not only that but Emma has discovered that Dave has transferred her website from her current hosting provider to his, changing all of the passwords along the way.

Where does all of this leave Emma? Well Emma now has no website, no way of selling her products, no business and no access to her website. To top it all off, due to the change in hosting she has been warned that unless certain fixes are made that she will lose the last 10 years of goodwill that she has built up with Google.

At this point Emma understood the pickle she was in and thankfully picked up the phone to me. I am happy to say that this story had a happy ending and Emma is now enjoying full use of her new snazzy website and business is booming. However there was nothing I could do to get her back the 6 months business she lost. The sad thing is that the majority of these problems were entirely preventable.

I am a big believer in being proactive and not reactive. Therefore if you are considering having a new website developed please take a second to download our “Top 10 tips to consider when commissioning a website”. I hope our tips can help you to ensure that you do not fall into any of the traps poor Emma did. Once you have filled in your details below you will receive an email with the document attached!

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