Client Spotlight: Ginger Ray

Virtuoso Legal take their IP Roadshow to Ginger Ray

Meet Ginger Ray, a client who has been with us for a number of years. Ginger Ray are a specialist designer, manufacturer and distributor of various partywear, tableware and other trend-setting designs and products for use at special occasions.

If your planning your best friend’s hen-do, or baby-shower, or even starting out on the long and (for some!) arduous journey of planning a wedding, Ginger Ray’s website is the place to go.

This market leading presence and rapid growth can be exciting for all involved, but that is not to say it does not come without its challenges.

Given we are Ginger Ray’s IP lawyers, I will speak here only of the challenges we have assisted them with – each of which have been central to their business and have wide-reaching effects.

Protecting Ginger Ray

Ginger Ray employ their own team in-house designers (shout out to the design team!), so that the entire process from design to manufacture to distribution (shout out to the sales team!) takes place under their wing.

Because of this all encompassing approach they can ensure that they provide their customers with the best quality products on the market.

They are also a company that are constantly coming up with new ideas and brands, never settling for what has been. As a result they have amassed fans who keep coming back to the company for their latest releases.

This means that Ginger Ray are constantly creating and exploiting various intellectual property assets. Whether it’s the design of the product, the copyright protection over their product copy or images, trade mark/passing off protection over name of their ranges and brands…

Simply put, Ginger Ray are churning out IP assets as they grow and delight their customers.

Suffering from Success and Drawing a Line in the Sand

This success, this leads to opportunists (harsh, but true) in the industry monitoring Ginger Ray, and copying their designs or releasing ranges with similar brand names and taglines.

Often, these companies are large entities (which are not creative and do not design themselves) but who have endless legal resources and a short temperament for receiving complaints regarding their IP infringing activity.

This is where, however, Ginger Ray’s IP assets really come into importance.

There is no point registering a trade mark, if you’re not going to enforce the limited monopoly that it provides you with.

The same goes for design and copyright – those rights are available for businesses like Ginger Ray to protect their hard-earned market share.

Ginger Ray recognises this, and we wanted to assist in helping all of the teams (sales, design, management) understand how to protect and exploit their IP rights.

On the Road!

So, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, we visited Ginger Ray’s head office in the charming little town of Weybridge. It was lovely to finally meet many members of the team, all of the people who make that company tick on a daily basis.

The session itself allowed us to explore each IP right key to their business whether trade marks, copyright, designs.

We ran through how to identify, record, steps to take in registration (if relevant), evidence to look out for and gather in cases of infringement, and burning questions that staff had about IP.

That all sounds like a lot of work (!) but in reality, it means that our clients understand and value their IP better, and a broad understanding helps us help them leading to a large cost saving when an issue does arise.

Simply put, it makes good sense for IP rich companies like Ginger Ray to be IP-savvy from bottom to top – as this is their key asset.

For example, the design team hopefully now understand better how and what to record, and the possible no-go areas when creating a new design.

The sales team know to look out for a downturn in the sales figures of a particular range when they find a copycat emulating them.

This means Ginger Ray have all the relevant information to hand when an issue comes to us, and there are less costs and time wasted on back-and-forth emails or calls regarding what we need from them to resolve it.

Proactivity beats reactivity, every time!

We hope Ginger Ray found that session of Virtuoso Legal’s IP Roadshow useful. For us, it was an absolute pleasure to meet all of the team – and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

Virtuoso Legal’s IP roadshows will be running throughout the rest of 2019. If you would like our IP specialists to visit your business to provide some IP training – get in touch using the form below or by calling:

0113 237 9900

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