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What is IP?

Intellectual property (or IP) refers to a range of “intangible assets” including things like, brands, technology, creative outputs, designs, know-how, data – and more.

Intangible as they are, these assets are often overlooked in businesses, who may often take them for granted.

Every business has intangible assets like these, and IP is becoming crucial to businesses who rely upon them to grow and beat their competitors.

IP law is very technical. Businesses who are well-advised find themselves advancing in today’s marketplace, time and time again.

Who are Virtuoso Legal?

Virtuoso Legal is an award-winning boutique firm of intellectual property specialists.

We are based in London and Leeds, and operate across the UK and internationally.

Intellectual property is the only area of law that Virtuoso Legal operate in.

As a result the boutique firm has unmatched experience and expertise in complicated IP matters.

Over the past 10 years Virtuoso Legal have helped clients; create, grow and protect their intellectual property. In turn, helping clients accelerate their businesses.

How can we help you today?

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Things we can help you with

IP Create Intellectual Property Registration by Virtuoso Legal

We can help you Create

We assist businesses in registering their intellectual property.

Our experts have years of experience, and can help you tailor your registration to make sure that you have the best possible protection.

Whether it it is ensuring that your brand is effectively registered through a number of trade marks; or, your designs are submitted for registered design rights…

Our experts ensure that your big ideas can become the best possible platform for your business.

IP Grow: Intellectual Property Commercialisation

We can help you Grow

We help businesses to grow by commercialising their IP.

Our specialists can help you develop a range of commercial agreements to help your business grow.

Agreements we draft for you can cover: licensing, franchising, distribution, agency, IP assignment, suppliers, manufacturing, data protection, confidentiality, trade secrets and your website.

In helping you create these agreements Our specialists make sure that your business is best placed to confidently grow.

IP Protect: Intellectual Property Litigation by Virtuoso Legal

We can help you Protect

We help businesses protect the big ideas that make them who they are.

Our specialist litigation team have a case history that demonstrates an unmatched depth and breadth of IP expertise.

We have successfully protected: brands, technology, designs, and creativity. We have also represented clients in: trade secrets, confidentiality, and a host of other disputes that emerge from intellectual property.

Our dedicated litigation specialists are experienced and well-versed in the niche area of IP law. As such, when pitted against non-specialists in court – Virtuoso Legal are able to secure

What our clients say about us

Raymond Millien

General IP Counsel, General Electric Oil & Gas

Virtuoso Legal and Kirsten Toft recently acted for General Electric Oil & Gas in relation to a high-value intellectual property acquisition…

We were particularly impressed with Kirsten’s ability to cut through to the core IP issues in such a short legal timescale. Her legal knowledge in this area was impressive but also very commercially-driven.

We appreciated Kirsten’s work on this matter and the level of service we received. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Pekka Moilanen

President, Argos Systems Inc.

The decision confirms that my company was merely conducting it’s business legitimately.

As a relatively small company based in the US, being dragged into the High Court in London by Argos UK was obviously very chilling, but the team at Virtuoso Legal guided us through the procedure throughout and during trial in London.

We are very pleased with the result and look forward to focusing on our business in the years to come.”

We are Virtuoso Legal.

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Law Firm

  • Virtuoso Legal are one of the top recommended IP lawyers firms and specialist solicitors in intellectual property advice

  • Award winning Leeds attorneys

  • Intellectual property audits (looking at what IP business have and can protect), IP valuations, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Licensing, transfer, agency, supplier and distribution agreements


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London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

Patent Attorney

  • Best registered patent attorney and law firm dealing with infringement

  • Patent litigation

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London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal


  • Top rated trademark lawyers and attorneys

  • Trademark solicitors for protection and registration services

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London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

Legal Services

  • Intellectual copyright solicitors offering consultation and legal advice for litigation issues

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London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

London | IP Lawyers | N1C 4AX | Virtuoso Legal

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Our London offices are situated in at East Side, King’s Cross in the heart of the nation’s capital.

If you would like to meet one of our specialist solicitors at our King’s Cross office, please email: to request a consultation.

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