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Welcome, Cameron!

Virtuoso Legal are delighted to welcome up-and-coming IP superstar Cameron Ward to the team.

Virtuoso Legal welcome Cameron Ward to the team.

Cameron joins the firm in November 2021 as a paralegal with a view to qualifying as a trainee solicitor in early 2022. Cameron has a background in science, having studied Natural Sciences at UCL in his undergraduate career. During this time Cameron specialised in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Following this and working as a contractor within the financial industry, Cameron returned to education completing his Graduate Diploma in Law and LPC LLM at the University of Law in 2019-2021.

During his LLM, Cameron completed a Professional Practice Report on IP concerning the Digital Copyright Directive's impact on stakeholders in the EU.

Cameron joins the firm alongside recent hires who share a passion and specialism for IP.




On joining Virtuoso Legal, Cameron commented:

"I’m ecstatic to be joining Virtuoso Legal! Intellectual Property is such a niche area of legal practice, yet at the same time, it offers diverse and complex work, which is an exciting prospect for me. Everyone at Virtuoso Legal is so knowledgeable and friendly - I can’t wait to learn more about IP from them and become a fully-fledged member of the team!"


Principal and founder of Virtuoso Legal, Liz Ward stated, upon Cameron's arrival:

"We’re highly delighted to welcome Cameron Ward to our team. Cameron is a motivated and experienced paralegal who really wants to do IP. He joins our growing specialist team and will be supporting us as we grow."

Welcome to Virtuoso Legal, Cameron!

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