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Rahema Hussain Joins!

The Leeds and London-based Intellectual Property specialists Virtuoso Legal are growing their team appointing Rahema Hussain as a trainee trade mark attorney.

Welcome to the team, Rahema!

Virtuoso Legal are delighted to welcome Rahema Hussain to our team of IP specialists.

Rahema joins the team as a trainee trade mark attorney, qualifying fully upon the completion of the second part of her training course beginning in October 2021.

As a trainee trade mark attorney, Rahema will contribute to a growing Virtuoso Legal brand protection offering, providing further domain expertise in the area of trade mark registration, commercialisation and enforcement.

This will provide Virtuoso Legal's existing and new clients, with a bolstered powerful platform of world-class IP expertise - helping them build their brands into international juggernauts.

All of the team are excited to welcome Rahema and add her experience to our combined capability.


Rahema Hussain


Founder and principal solicitor Elizabeth Ward and Rahema released the following comment in relation to this announcement.


Elizabeth Ward said:


"As we move into a changing world, we're seeing a host of new problems emerge that require different thinking. Intellectual property lies at the heart of protecting and growing these ideas within a business and the challenges are increasingly online.

For many companies, the cornerstone of IP protection is a trade mark portfolio that secures key brands for businesses in the markets they're moving into, for years to come.

We're delighted to welcome Rahema a part-qualified trade mark attorney to the team to add even more expertise to our brand protection offering. This is something we're looking to take to the elite level this year.

Rahema's background in this area, both in house and with private practice firms means that she is uniquely positioned to offer our clients the cutting edge expertise they need to move into the "new world" with every confidence. Welcome, Rahema!"


Rahema Hussain said:


"Virtuoso Legal has always stood out to me for having a truly unique approach to IP. I am grateful to have an opportunity to learn from the team and enhance my IP knowledge and expertise, whilst also making my own contribution to this exciting and innovative firm"



Welcome to the team, Rahema!

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