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Welcome to the team, Daniel and Kemal!

The IP specialists Virtuoso Legal are growing their team, appointing Daniel Eid and Kemal Tayyareci as trainee solicitors.

Welcome to the team, Daniel and Kemal!

Virtuoso Legal are delighted to welcome Daniel Eid and Kemal Tayarecci to our team of IP specialists.

Daniel joins the team as a trainee solicitor, having received his LLB from the University of Bristol.

Kemal also joins as a trainee solicitor, having received his LLB from the University of Southampton.

All of the team are excited to welcome Daniel and Kemal and add their knowledge, passion and drive to our combined capability.



Founder and principal solicitor Elizabeth Ward, Daniel and Kemal released the following comments in relation to this announcement:


Daniel Eid said:

"Virtuoso Legal are perfect for me because of the value they give to IP, which you don't find in most firms. IP is usually underestimated in business whilst it is 80% of a businesses value. The team here were very welcoming and supportive, it's a nice atmosphere."


Kemal Tayyareci said:

"I am really delighted to be joining Virtuoso Legal. I have a huge passion for intellectual property law and the creative industry. I am eager to get working on the diverse matters within the firm which include copyrights, design rights, trade marks and patent work. I am really looking forward to working with the team and helping them move forward."



(Above) Daniel Eid, (below) Kemal Tayyareci


Elizabeth Ward said:

"We are delighted to welcome two extremely capable and business-minded new trainees to Virtuoso Legal. We are passionate about bringing out the best in people and we look for real talent to develop. Daniel and Kemal are both remarkable prospects who are already bringing bright ideas and energy to the table. Welcome, Daniel and Kemal!"

Welcome to the team, Daniel and Kemal!

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