World of IP Round Up: May 2018 | INTA and GDPR

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May 2018 is a month that will go down in infamy for any lawyers working in IP and commercial law in general.

Without a doubt, GDPR and its coincidence with the International Trademark Association (INTA) conference, could not have been timed better (at least for doctors looking after IP lawyers’ blood pressure on commission). This gave a truly unique flavour to a month characterised by some last minute data protection DIY in contrast with the biggest annual celebration of the Intellectual Property trade to date.

Now that the dust has settled on both of these monumental moments, we can look back on May in the light of day – and all of the other news that was going on (comparatively) behind the scenes.

World of IP Round Up: The Big Ones

INTA 2018

This year’s INTA meet-up was in Seattle, Washington in the USA and was the most highly attended conference to date.

There were a range of hot topics discussed over the course of the meeting – which garnered a record 11,000+ attendees.

World IP Review spoke to the co-chairs about Seattle as a venue and what the event had in store.

Managing IP provide a round-up of some of the key talking points of the conference.

INTA provide a daily paper for each day of the event (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) for those looking to see what they missed.

World Trade Mark Review take a look into the numbers behind this year’s record attendance.

GDPR: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whilst the best and brightest in the profession were embracing the challenges set to come – those that were left behind found themselves in the unenviable position of bringing their GDPR efforts over the line.

Naturally, amongst the maelstrom there was a host of headlines to furrow the brow. Of particular interest (and somewhat unresolved) is the status of WHOIS and the correct handing of personal data when domains are registered.

(There were also a lot of memes.)

The WHOIS connundrum

Domain Sherpa discuss in this video what the end of WHOIS means.

World IP Review reports the ICANN asks the German court for WHOIS clarity.

Onlinedomain relay ICANN’s interesting meeting with the GDPR Working group.

CircleID provide a clear and concise description of the current state of play.

Other GDPR bits (if you’re a glutton for punishment)

Burges Salmon muse on what powers the ICO have in event of a breach.

Mycustomer give an outline of how marketing works under GDPR.

And those companies that weren’t prepared for GDPR took a more extreme path by blocking EU users for the time being.

And of course, the memes.

Digit were nice enough to put together a top 20 GDPR list to keep everyone sane.

Whilst this was going on there were also a couple of minor headlines that caught IP professionals’ eyes…

IP pros may have been pulled from pillar to post in May – but that didn’t stop a couple of big stories coming through the pipeline.

This included one of the biggest licensing deals ever – with Starbucks’ products soon to reach shelves worldwide courtesy of Nestlé

The UK government response to the EU Trade Secrets Directive (the next big legislative change) was published.

And! If that wasn’t enough, Apple managed to prise $539m from Samsung as a consequence of the verdict in their long protracted patent case.

World of IP Round Up: The Best of the Rest


Amazon Web Services is moving into blockchain with a new partnership |  @cnbc

EFF Wins Final Victory Over Podcasting Patent |

30+ Real Examples Of Blockchain Technology In Practice | @Forbes

Amazon is Inundated with Louis Vuitton x Supreme, Kylie Cosmetics, Apple Fakes | @thefashionlaw

Telegram Takes Trademark Squatter to Court over ‘Gram’ Cryptocurrency  | @CNN

U.S. Investigating Nintendo for Alleged Switch Patent Infringement | @Variety

Amazon still sells counterfeit goods despite efforts to clean up | @verge

How Cybersquatters Use ‘https’ to Confuse Internet Users | @gigalaw

How might you stop media piracy? Pay the pirates (with Crypto). | @Forbes

Judge Rules Against Alibaba in Crypto Trademark Case | @CoinDesk

Qualcomm updates network patents to ease tensions with Apple | @androidcentral

Snap wins infringing domains in UDRP dispute | @ipproti

Apple Filed Four Trademark Applications for “SHAZAM” Covering Augmented Reality, CarPlay and more | @PatentlyApple

The Rise of Counterfeit Products on Facebook | @IPWatchdog

Apple Wins Patents for Smart Fabrics, a Liquid Metal Alloy and the iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera |

Amazon wins patent for data feed marketplace that could include bitcoin transactions | @CNBC

Microsoft hinged, bendable display patents could create book-like business laptops | @TechRepublic

Intellectual Property Portfolio Can Be A Game-Changer For Startups | @Inc42

Jack Daniels Sues Whiskey Competitors For Brand Dilution | @Forbes

Alibaba anti-infringement alliance triples in size with renewed brand confidence |

US Court Rules Alibaba Powerless to Stop Cryptocurrency Using Its Name |

Wal-Mart’s $32.5 Million BACKYARD Brawl |

Alibaba’s Second Annual Report Touts Significant Improvements on Counterfeiting | @thefashionlaw


[Australia] Telstra gains access to TiVo intellectual property under licensing deal | @ZDNet

[US Opinion] Should International Trade in Intellectual Property Be Regulated? | @HBSWK

Patents Concern Is No Excuse to Start a Trade War, China Says | @bpolitics

The Black Hole of Misappropriation: Astronaut’s Right of Publicity and Trademark Claims Survive Summary Judgment |

In New Zealand tattoo artists calling for right to have copyright on their work –

China extends drug patents to 25 years

Assigning China Trademarks: Things to Know |

The New Fake Trade? Chinese Suppliers to Armani, McQueen, Burberry Selling Unbranded Copies | @thefashionlaw

[US] “Content Creators Coalition” Calls on Congress to Grill Google Over Privacy and Drug Sales Concerns | @ipwatchdog

8 Ways Brands Can Fight Counterfeits in China | @HarvardBiz

At Home

Design rights in a post-Brexit Britain | @Lexology

CITMA unveils contentious trademark proceedings guide | @ipproti

The ‘perfect’ wedding dress | @The_IPO

Now it’s all said and done… Making your Markle: Royal emblems and souvenirs | @ipwatchdog


Burberry Slaps Target With Multi-Million Dollar Counterfeiting Lawsuit | @TheFashionLaw

Amazon Slapped with Lawsuit Over Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Private Label | @thefashionlaw

How to Spot a Counterfeit Handbag | @RobbReport

Is Kim Kardashian’s New Body Bottle (Legally) Too Similar to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s? | @TheFashionLaw

Under Armour Quickly Shifts From Reporting Earnings To A New Trademark Case Against Armore Fitness | @Forbes

Federal Judge in Harper Lee Lawsuit Gives Scott Rudin 15 Days to Film Broadway-Bound “MOCKINGBIRD” | @BroadwayWorld

What is the State of Luxury’s Hundred Million Dollar Licensing Deals? | @thefashionlaw

adidas Scores Partial Victory in Lawsuit Against Skechers Over Lookalike Sneakers | @TheFashionLaw

Givenchy Designer Slams Kanye West For Ripping Off His Design Sketches @DesignTAXI |

Plimsoll Gear, which sells T-shirts with icon, threatens trademark lawsuit

How Brands Like Louis Vuitton & Fendi Enlisted Us to Advertise for Them – For Free | @thefashionlaw


VIDEO: The hidden meanings behind car logos | @BelTel

Apple And The Internet Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of The iMac | @designtaxi

Survey Shows Majority Of Consumers Cannot Remember Food Brand Logos Correctly |@designtaxi

Pepsi Lets Fans Custom Design And Order Their Own Vintage Can Creations | @DesignTAXI

Ikea wins in UDRP dispute | @IPProTI

Pepsi Topples Coca-Cola To Become World’s ‘Most Effective’ Brand | @designtaxi


Social media crime: 20 000 packages of counterfeit medicine, mobile phones, jewellery, sunglasses and watches seized | @Europol

Kendall Jenner, Apple Music Slapped with Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over PizzaBoys | @TheFashionLaw

Keeping up With the Kardashian/Jenners’ Copying Call-Outs and Legal Woes | @TheFashionLaw

Game-maker Sues Lucasfilm over Han Solo Movie | @DuetsBlog

Tomahawk Chops and Native American Mascots: In Europe, Teams Don’t See a Problem

‘Star Trek’/Dr. Seuss Mashup Creator Beats Trademark Claims | @thr

Fortnite sued for ‘copying’ rival game | @BBCNews

Hamptons Branding: What’s In A Name? | @27east

Wonder Woman 2 Title May Be Found in New Domain Names | @CBR

Everything Else

PANTONE Unveils Spring/Summer Color Palette Forecast For 2019 | @designtaxi via @MarksmenTweets

F1 trade mark ‘Shoey’ to claim rights to Daniel Ricciardo’s famous celebration | @Independent

Do patents tell us what’s next for bicycle technology? Not necessarily. | @velonews

Preventing opioid deaths by overriding patents on anti-overdose drug | @futurism

Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup syndicate to change name after trademark row with British Olympics | @NZStuff

Doctor! Doctor! My trade mark opposition has been dismissed! | @Ipkat

‘Pet-tech’ of the future? Patents reveal bizarre inventions (not sure many of these will see the shelves…) | @dailymail

Super Soaker Inventor: Keep toys and millions of other products in the pipeline — protect the patent system | @foxnews

Domaining for Beginners, Part 2: What Makes an Effective Domain Name? | @NamesCon

Hasbro just trademarked the smell of Play-Doh | @verge

7-Eleven Debuts Self-Chilling Canned Coffees To Keep You Cool & Energized | @designtaxi

Faking It. Cycling and counterfeits – everything you need to know | @BikeBizOnline

3 Branding Secrets for eCommerce Success on Amazon | @Entrepreneur

Colour it mine: protecting colour trademarks | @Lexology

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World of IP Round Up: May 2018 | was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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