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World of IP Round Up: August

This month’s World of IP round-up takes a distinctly nostalgic tone, with coverage of Nintendo’s efforts against trade mark and copyright infringement, and a spotlight on what could have been for the Toys R’ Us brand. We also look at the hullabaloo surrounding the dispute over “Aloha Poke” in the US.

In addition to all of this, we have a round up of all of the headlines from the web surrounding IP and brands around the world. So, without further ado…

Game Over! for Emulation and Fan Game websites, after Nintendo Legal Claims

In August, Nintendo have tightened their grip on their IP, by issuing a trade mark and copyright claim against two sets of fan-sites.

The first of these sites relates to the distribution of software which allowed fans to create their own Pokémon fan games.

In the past Nintendo have been quick to address the release of fan games (e.g. such as “AM2R” and “Pokémon Uranium“, amongst others) through legal channels. Projects such as these are put together by fans, ostensibly to show reverence for series’ they love – and are distributed to the population for free online.

The enthusiasm within the fan base means that such projects emerge frequently, and (when complete) garner a significant audience of players – and the attention of Nintendo’s legal department..

In the case of “AM2R” this game was finished shortly before an official remake was released (which would have been in development for some time) and, as such, represented a clear and direct competitor to Nintendo’s own products. In other cases, these are original remixes of a popular format, which include IP protected characters and brand elements.

It remains a point of contention whether games businesses such as Nintendo should protect its IP so vigorously and act so punitively towards its most passionate fans (notably, Sega embraced the creators of Sonic fan games, hiring them for a recent official release “Sonic Mania” – which was widely praised by fans and critics alike).

This month however, Nintendo went one step further than previous – issuing a copyright claim against a website hosting an 11-year old development kit for creating fan-made Pokémon games. Therefore addressing the source of these fan games, rather than fan games themselves that had become significantly damaging to them on an ad-hoc basis.

Eurogamer provide an overview of the story here.

The second of these websites to receive legal attention from Nintendo concerned the provision of emulators and “ROMs” for old Nintendo hardware and games.

For those not familiar with emulation, an emulator allows a user to run console hardware on a PC – and play games which are accessed in the form of computer files called ROMs (which stands for “read-only memory”).

Whilst this activity is not necessary illicit (e.g. for those who already own a game, it is not problematic to play it through emulation) – for the most part, emulation has been viewed as a means for users to access and play games without paying the creators.

Nintendo take a dim view of this activity, as whilst many of the the historic games from are unavailable to purchase legitimately from the company today – many are. Defenders of the practice of emulation state that it is a way for historic games to be saved for generations to come – and criticise enforcement as there are no legitimate way for many of these works to be accessed otherwise.

In this escalation of their legal position against emulation – Nintendo brought a trade mark claim against Mathias Designs L.L.C. alleged owner and operator of two separate emulation sites “LoveROMS” and “LoveRETRO” – whom they alleged hosted and distributed Nintendo’s IP. Crucially, the defendants had been seen to be profiting from this site, by running ads on the site and receiving donations for a number of years.

This particular case suggest that Nintendo are not stopping there, seeking a £100,000,000 in damages and perhaps more tellingly that the Defendants “identify every one of [their suppliers and sources of unauthorised copies of Nintendo’s copyrighted works.”

This would suggest that this is simply “level 1” of their campaign and Nintendo will continue to go to great lengths to shut down emulation across the board.

Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog has a brilliant write up of this, which is the source of some of the above information.

Chicago company “Poke” the bear with attempted enforcement of “Aloha Poke” trade mark in Hawaii

Chicago-based Aloha Poke Co. caused a stir in (typically relaxed) Hawaii when they attempted to enforce their registered trade mark on the island.

Poke is a Hawaii culinary staple, consisting of an appetiser primarily comprised of raw fish. Aloha (of course) is the common greeting given on the island, which whilst used in place of “hello” and “goodbye” has deeper cultural significance to Hawaiians.

So when island restaurant owners had received cease and desist letters from Aloha Poke Co. in relation to their alleged infringement of their trade mark – they were not happy.

Simply put, Aloha Poke as a trade mark for restaurant services might be distinct in mainland USA – but not so on the island from which the food and term comes from.

Furthermore, the feeling that a business was attempting to monopolise the use of the world Aloha (as well as poke) raised complaints of cultural appropriation – and offence particularly around the prohibited use of a spiritual word such as Aloha.

There has been significant backlash which has been addressed by the owner of Aloha Poke by way of reply:

“What we have done is attempted to stop trade mark infringements in the restaurant industry from using the trademark Aloha Poke without permission. We know that this misinformation has caused a considerable amount of anger and offense among those who care very passionately about their Hawaiian culture. We want to say to them directly how deeply sorry we are that this issues has been so triggering.”

Despite this admission, the company continues to assert its ownership of the trade mark in Hawaii, despite mounting protests.

Hawaii News Now provide an overview of the initial spate of cease and desist letters.

Hawaii News follow up with the statement from the CEO of Aloha Poke Co.

Chicago Sun Times follow finally with the reaction back on the mainland as protests mount.

Toys R’ Us – The Brand that Might Have Been

Finally, this month, a viral article on DesignTAXI provided an insight into what might have been for Toys R’ Us’ brand. The company had instructed creative consultancy Lippencott, to look at how it’s brand might be rejuvenated, prior to its insolvency.

The vision presented by Lippencott took familiar and sadly neglected assets and rejuvenated them – painting a picture of Toys R’ Us as a legacy brand that could go toe-to-toe in the contemporary market place.

This was sadly, however, not the case – and Lippencott’s proposal remains a proof of concept.

What this does demonstrate however, is that old and seemingly derelict brands can be revived and in theory thrive. For those looking at Toys R’ Us in administration, this may offer some incentive to purchase the assets – as evidence suggests that there is plenty of life in the brand should the business be reconfigured.

Here DesignTAXI present Lippencott’s work, which has disappeared from their own website for the time being.

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World of IP Round Up: August 2018 | Game Over! was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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