Discover the legal secrets behind branding from award-winning lawyers

Legal Branding Workshops from Award-Winning IP Lawyers

Branding Workshops

Virtuoso Legal are hosting a series of legal branding workshops for business owners, marketing and creative professionals who are looking to develop and launch brand assets for a business or client. 

Brilliant branding is a critical part of any modern business but is not simply a case of devising a name and logo. The legal minefield around branding is a changing landscape and poorly understood; your brand needs to stand out and be legally protectable.

The internet has enabled people with a lack of expertise, experience (and professional indemnity insurance) to offer questionable advice – and take your money.Sadly, we’re frequently the ones tasked with telling companies that the brands they have invested in are not legally robust or enforceable. Or even worse, you may find out that another business has prior right to use your brand.

As specialist (but practical, pragmatic and commercial) intellectual property lawyers, we’re often called upon to help brand owners get it right from the start. Are you ready to learn from professionals about what makes a brand protectable and valuable?

Beginner’s and Advanced workshops will help you :

  • Understand the value of a brand in your business
  • Know the value and importance of clearance searches for brands
  • Identify what can and can’t be protected
  • Understand the importance of logos, colours and design in creating a unique position in the marketplace
  • Know the types of quick searches you can do to find out if you can use a brand
  • Understand the limits of company names, descriptive brands and domain names

At the conclusion of the workshop, you will take away:

  • A toolkit to use when choosing your brand
  • A workbook with slides and useful material
  • A copy of “If You’re So Clever Why Aren’t You Rich? How To Take Your Intellectual Property To The Bank” by author and Principal of Virtuoso Legal, Elizabeth Ward.

Beginner Workshop

This is intended to coach those with no background in branding or the legal protection of brands

29th of January

5th of March

7th of May

Advanced Workshop

This is for those with a knowledge of branding and some basic understanding of the law and filing trade marks and copyright

30th of January

6th of March

8th of May

You are free to enrol for both should you wish to do one after another.

Workshops will take place in January, March and May this year – taking place at Virtuoso Legal’s office space in London.

To sign up to these workshops, please click the links below (or above!) to register and confirm your attendance for each respective event.

Who are Virtuoso Legal?

Virtuoso Legal are a specialist intellectual property law firm based in London and Leeds.

The firm was established in 2007, by principal Liz Ward, who with an extensive background in science and pharmaceuticals.

After spending several years in the higher echelons of leading international law firms, Liz established Virtuoso Legal to meet the need for an IP law firm that was as innovative as the companies that it served.

Over the past 12 years of fast growth, Virtuoso Legal have become widely regarded as one of the leading intellectual property firms in the UK – with accolades reserved, in particular, for their expertise in brand protection and litigation.