VirtuosoCAST #1 How to Protect Your Trade Secrets in 2017

VirtuosoCAST #1 Trade Secrets Webinar with Donal O'Connell

VirtuosoCAST #1 – Trade Secrets Webinar with Donal O’ Connell

VirtuosoCAST #1

You wouldn’t let your ex-employee leave with the keys to the office… so why do companies allow people to walk with the critical ideas behind their business?

Recently, Virtuoso Legal were delighted to co-host a webinar with Donal O’ Connell. The topic of the webinar was how to protect your trade secrets in 2017.

You can watch or listen to this below, in the form of the very first VirtuosoCAST.
Donal O’ Connell has an incredible background in innovation. He had worked as an Engineer at Philips. He then moved on to Nokia and performing in many key roles including (but not limited to):
Software engineer, R&D project manager, product programme manager, vice-principal of R&D, R&D Centre Manager and finally Director of IP… over the course of 19 years! This put Donal at the heart of innovation at Nokia, from bottom to top, at the time they dominated telecoms.
This is truly an incredible pedigree at one of the most innovative companies in history. Donal has since become an IP champion and focuses – in particular – on the overlooked value of trade secrets. Which he contends is in a neglected state.
Donal writes prolifically on this subject. He has also been honoured as an adjunct professor of IP at Imperial College, London.
In the webinar, Donal provided clear and concise insight into the value of trade secrets. The topics covered in the webinar included:
What are trade secrets?
  • How businesses in 2017 treat currently treat trade secrets
  • Their increasing importance because of new legislation on the horizon
  • Typical things that can happen if you overlook trade secrets
  • Ways that you can manage your trade secrets
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