Liz Ward on BBC Look North: A Ritz Cracker!

Liz Ward BBC Look North

Principal Liz Ward on BBC Look North

Liz Ward on BBC Look North

Last night ,Virtuoso Legal’s, principal Liz Ward appeared on BBC Look North’s evening show to give expert insight into an IP dispute.

The Ritz” (a very well known hotel in London) had asked another “Ritz” (specifically the Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse, near Halifax) which has operated under the name for 80 years –  to cease from using it.

Liz Ward stated: “I feel very sorry for the guys in Brighouse, because if they’ve been using the name for 80 years, they’ve got prior rights to use it – and I think that they should carry on using it.”

Liz continued: “there are numerous ‘Ritzes’ around the country, whether they are cinemas, venues – but nobody is really confusing them with the Ritz in London, which has a really unique place in the establishment.”

The Ritz Ballroom’s statement

On it’s website, the Ritz Ballroom posted an update, stating:

To all our customers,

In light of recent unforeseen events in relation to commercial trade makes (sic) and trade names and Internet Domain infringements, The Ritz, Brighouse, as a business trade name in our case, can no longer be used by the ‘Ritz, Brighouse’.

Therefore the name, ‘Ritz’ will no longer be used as our trade name and will (sic) cease trade as ‘The Ritz’ from 26th February 2017.

We would wish all our loyal patrons to know that after taking the appropriate legal advice the owners of the Ritz, Brighouse, have absolutely zero alternative but to take this action due to the fact that this matter is entirely out with (sic) their  control. The legal position is clear in that there are other Third Party commercial entities that have the right to prevent us from using the name ‘Ritz’ in any shape or form, and, sadly, this situation has only recently been brought to our attention.

You will appreciate that this is a most regrettable and unfortunate situation after 80 years of trading the business under this name.

We will of course keep you updated as to what the future holds for the former “Ritz” business. We can assure you that we are working very hard indeed and that we are determined to keep the building itself open and the business operation trading as per usual if at all possible after this blow which has simply come out of the blue.

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Ritz Brighouse

UPDATE: Since the time of this post, the Ritz Brighouse’s website has been removed.

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