Virtuoso Legal Newsletter September, 2017

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter: An Early *Christmas Present* from VL (and September’s Round-Up)

September has truly flown by, and there’s a chill in the air and shockingly lots of house spiders moving in too! Don’t worry, only … 83 days until Christmas!

Joking and scaremongering aside, plenty has been happening here at Virtuoso, and we’re delighted to share a some updates and a special opportunity with you.

Where to start with IP?

Whatever size company you are, it can be a bit unclear:

What kind of IP you have

How much it’s worth

What kind of IP you need

How you should protect it

How you should grow it

How you can make money from it


First-time around we tend to have to react to problems that arise… repairing leaks rather than building to spec from the outset.

Building to spec is something you can only really do if you have the right expertise. You get this by: 1. instructing IP specialists like ourselves; or 2. through prior experience of building established companies or brands.

Luckily, help is at hand.

At Virtuoso Legal we complete IP Audits for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These involve a top-to-bottom review of the current status of your IP; highlighting where your most pressing needs lie. You get a list of priorities to address; before these priorities become problems. In the past, our IP audits have been labelled “the gold standard” by the UKIPO.

We’re quite proud of that.

Whilst the IP audit itself is a comprehensive piece of legal work; as an early Christmas present to our newsletter subscribers we’re offering a limited number of FREE exploratory IP audit consultations from the 9th to 20th of October, with one of our specialists at either Leeds or at East Side, King’s Cross, London (or even via Zoom video link if you’d prefer.) Simply sign up, fill in the quick IP checklist and return it to us before the meeting.

This will help you reach an understanding as to what you need to think about most heading into 2018.

If you’re interested, fill in the form below to register and schedule in; we’ll then send you a mini IP questionnaire and confirm your appointment.

Note: if you have any contacts you feel may benefit from a free exploratory IP strategy session – please forward this on to them!


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September’s Updates and Blogs

Without further ado, here are September’s highlights, including a couple of new things from us (we’re very excited about the very first VirtuosoCAST!)

Why Businesses Allow The Crown Jewels to Walk Out of the Door by Ignoring Trade Secrets: Read More

We wouldn’t let someone walk away with the keys to the office – so why do we let people leave with trade secrets? Trade secrets include all the critical information and knowledge you use day-to-day in business. They’re also the most overlooked form of intellectual property. Lacklustre protection means companies burn their fingers time and again.

How Much Does a Trade Mark Cost? 5 Things You Need to Know: Read More

A very *provocative* blog by the UKIPO on Dragon’s Den criticised contestants for registering a trade mark for £4000 – stating it could be done DIY for £170. After we stopped punching the wall, Martin wrote this considered rebuttal.

VirtuosoCAST #1: Donal O’Connell presents How to Protect Your Trade Secrets in 2017: Read More

Yes! It’s the very first VirtuosoCAST. In lieu of the piece earlier in the month focusing on how under-served trade secrets are; Martin spoke to Donal O’Connell, trade secrets extraordinaire to get the low-down. Watch or listen by clicking above!

Virtuoso’s World of IP Round Up | September: Read More

In the final new feature of the month, Martin rounds up all of the month’s news in the world of IP. This month including such luminaries as: Apple, Gene Simmons, Taylor Swift, Conor McGregor, Ford; and many other stories from the world of IP.

Thank you Dr. Martin!

Until next month!

And that is it for this month’s Virtuoso Legal newsletter! We’re officially approaching the winter months. Remember to wrap up warm because we’ll soon be celebrating the new year.

As always, we love to hear from you. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions! I’m more than happy to chat if you need help with anything.

This time, I’ll leave you with a question… (we always like to learn more so we can serve our clients and peers better).

What do you think your most pressing IP issue is heading into 2018?


Send me an email and we can have a chat about it!

(And if you’re not sure, the exploratory audit chat might be a good shout!)

You can call me on:

0113 237 9900

or email me at:


Look forward to hearing from you! Ta,

– Liz


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Liz Ward Virtuoso Legal Newsletter


Virtuoso Legal Newsletter September 2017 was written by Elizabeth Ward

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