Virtuoso Legal Newsletter November 2017 – Are You Ready for 2018?

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter November, 2017

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter, November
Are you Ready for 2018?


Hello, dear reader!

How is it going?

I hope you’ve had a top month.

To say November had been busy for us would be the understatement of the year (and we’re nearly at the end of it!)

It has been absolutely manic here at Virtuoso – not least because we have moved our Leeds office (a BIG undertaking); whilst still having another record month when it came to work. Oh, and we also presented our inaugural “Become an IP Powerhouse” workshop at the Shard! (More on that later).

All very fun – just a bit tricky when it all happens at the same time.

Needless to say, we’re all reeling slightly, but very satisfied with what has been a bumper month.


Are you ready for the fireworks?

Would You Like Us To Help You Prepare for 2018?

In the meantime, Christmas has well and truly crept up on us all, and we’re at that time of year now when the focus begins to shift onto 2018.

We have some big projects on the cards. Not least: preparing for GDPR, the new Trade Secrets Act, Brexit(!), and a new website.

All the while whilst working out what we can do to champion IP and serve our clients better in the new year.

(There’s never enough time is there?)

I’m sure that you’re thinking about what you can do to crack on in 2018 too, and we’re more than happy to do what we can to help you!

With that in mind… we’re offering a free checklist and a follow-up 30-minute chat with one of our specialists to anyone looking to get a better sense of how their IP can make them more money in 2018.

Click the button below to download the checklist, and we will be in touch.

Download Checklist


Virtuoso Legal’s New Home

As stated in the previous two updates and the beginning of this newsletter – Virtuoso Legal are now happily situated in our new Leeds home.

It was a bit of an arduous process (moving an office is no mean feat!)

But we’re there now – and soon we will invite you all to a big welcome bash, so watch this space!

(Pictures to come soon once we’ve fully made our mark on the place!)

Our new address is:

5 Sheepscar Court
Northside Business Park


November’s Updates and Blogs

Plenty of news and blogs from November too (because time waits for no man)!


Phil (and Myself) present “Become an IP Powerhouse” at the Shard

A real highlight…! Phil took the reigns and delivered a whistle-stop tour through the core intellectual property rights – fielding questions from the crowd about their main problems. The workshop was a fantastic success and we look forward to running a similar one again soon.

Read More



Lakmal Walawage Qualifies as a Solicitor

The much loved (by our clients, but especially by ourselves) Lakmal Walawage has fully qualified as a solicitor this month. It’s been an incredible journey for Lakmal who started here on a work placement, and has since become a central pillar of VL. Congratulations, Lakmal!

Read More



Virtuoso Legal Partner with ReciteMe to Offer Comprehensive Accessibility And Translation on

It has always been important to Virtuoso Legal to ensure that world-class intellectual property protection is accessible to as many businesses as possible.

Our website now features an comprehensive suite of accessibility and translation tools courtesy of Recite Me. We look forward to making use of these Recite Me to reach more people with our services:

Read More


Dr. Martin also has a couple of articles for your coffee break.


5 Secrets Behind Great Trade Marks

One of the main things that you hear us banging the drum about is the importance of registering a good trade mark. In this piece, Dr. Martin takes a different angle on this by looking at the secrets which lay behind some of today’s best trade marks.

Read More



Virtuoso’s World of IP Round Up | November

Finally, November’s “World of IP” round-up! Lots of updates this month, including a BIG shake-up in the Uber v. Waymo case, and emerging battle for the popular term “Comic-Con” – amongst many others.

Read More


Thanks. Dr. Martin!


Until next month!

That’s it for now!

Next month you can expect a very special Christmas newsletter to drop in your inbox. Keep your eyes peeled!

As always, we love to hear from you. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions!

I’m more than happy to chat if you need help with anything.

And do make use of the IP checklist and check-up chat – we’d be delighted to help you start 2018 with your best foot forward!

You can call me on:

0113 237 9900


or email me at:


Look forward to hearing from you! Ta,

– Liz



Virtuoso Legal Newsletter: November was written by Elizabeth Ward

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