Virtuoso Legal Newsletter April – One Day…!

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter April - One Day...!

Virtuoso Legal Newsletter April – One Day…!


Isn’t incredible how time flies? With May’s arrival we’re 1/3 of the way through 2018 in the blink of an eye.

It also means that GDPR is at the door – and by the time you receive our next newsletter we will all be operating under a new data protection regime.

For IP and data protection geeks like us this is very exciting (but equally uninteresting, we understand, for those less so inclined!)

Looking back on April – it was a busy month, with a score of highlights. So without further ado – we’ll get started.


Virtuoso Legal is 11 Years Old!

One day, eleven years ago I founded Virtuoso Legal. I did this as a response to the lack of specialist service in larger law firms for IP.

We set out to do more than simply register peoples trade marks and ideas – which always seemed to be an afterthought in large commercial firms.

Instead we aimed to work closely with businesses to help them create, grow and protect what it was that made them truly unique. In doing so we’ve seen some incredible successes – some of whom will be reading this newsletter right now.

It’s been incredibly validating to how the firm has gone from strength to strength – and in the process how the industry at large is catching up in offering more tailored and personal service. (But we’ll still always look to be one step ahead!

Here’s to the next 11 years!


No Newsletter is Complete Without Mentioning GDPR

(And it might pop up a couple more times, I’m afraid!)

If you’ve not been made aware so far – new EU regulations come into effect on the 25th of May concerning the protection of personal data.

It’s called the GDPR and there are a number of things that businesses need to think about and do to be compliant. (We won’t bore you with the details here. as I’m sure you’re more than familiar now! Check out the blog below.)

If you would like to talk to one of our team about this click the button, drop Martin an email and we’ll do what we can to help.

Email Martin and Kirsten



Updates and Blogs from March

April had a few articles for your next coffee break…


(GDPR): What Do You Need to Do
Part 4: Contracts, Documentation and Accountability

In the fourth part of our GDPR mega-post Dr. Martin goes over the general guidance that has been offered in relation to contracts that need to be in place between businesses and partners – as well as documentation and accountability you should look to have in place.

This is really the “business end”, as it were, of GDPR. It’s important to get it right. We would be more than happy to help if you have any questions.


Read More


Under Armour Logo

Brand Breakdown 001 Under Armour

The biggest brands in the world are built upon some of the best trade marks.

In this new series of “Brand Breakdowns” Dr. Martin analyses businesses’ key trade marks and how a business’ registered IP can truly become their “brand bedrock”.

In this first edition, Under Armour’s resolute brand falls under the microscope.


Read More



Talking International Trade, Brexit and more with the UK200

2018 is very much a year of change, (as you can probably tell by now)! No one is perhaps more challenged by these impending changes than exporters who will not only have to think about changes in IP because of Brexit – but also data protection when it comes to overseas partners!

Not to panic! Plenty to be done, but as my conversation with the guys at UK200 concludes – it’s all about getting hands dirty when it comes to your priorities.


Read More


Open to Export

[Webinar] Kirsten and Martin Discuss GDPR and Brexit Open to Export

In tandem with the above my right-hand Kirsten and Dr. Martin presented a webinar in and around the same area for our good friends at Open to Export.

In the webinar, Kirsten and Martin go into a lot more depth about it all. So for those that prefer the advanced “podcast” version – this is your port of call!


Read More


Virtuoso’s World of IP Round Up April 2018 | World IP Day

Finally, there’s all of the IP news from around the web in our monthly World of IP Round Up! Lots of interesting tales here, from KitKats to Monkey Selfies (don’t ask!)

However, what was most significant for me this month was World IP Day, which this year was themed around supporting women in gaining access to innovation and creativity through IP.

Not only was it fantastic to see so many events and celebrations around IP; but doubly so focused on how it can genuinely secure and empower women. It really gave pause for thought (even if it was only for one day!)

One day, we will celebrate this everyday. It’s something the team at Virtuoso Legal will strive toward as we move into the future. Truly inspirational.


Read More


Thanks. Dr. Martin for the updates!

And without further ado – that’s it!

Bye for now!

You can call me on:

0113 237 9900

or email me at:


Look forward to hearing from you!

– Liz


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Virtuoso Legal Newsletter April – One Day…! was written by Liz Ward

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