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Virtuoso Legal is Moving On Up!

In the last monthly email we hinted at the fact that we were on the move…

So we’re delighted to confirm…

Virtuoso Legal’s Leeds Office is Moving!!!

It doesn’t seem like it was 3 years since we arrived at our current Leeds office at Mansion Gate Drive in Chapel Allerton. But the fact that our lease is up – tells me that it is! So, Virtuoso Legal is moving once more!

That being said (and being the forward-thinkers you know we are!) we began looking for Virtuoso Legal’s new home around 6 months ago.

As such we’re delighted to announce that as of the week commencing 20th of November 2017, our office will move to:

5 Sheepscar Court

Northside Business Park



Please remember to update all of your address books and send all relevant correspondence (and maybe presents?) to the new address.

This fabulous new office space is not only just 1 mile down the road (and closer to the City Centre) but also will provide us with a wonderful internal space to host events, meetings – and of course better complete the kind of work for our clients we’ve built our reputation on! Most excitingly of all is the opportunity it gives Virtuoso Legal to grow even bigger and better than before.

We hope to see you all there, and will have a grand opening event in the New Year! (More details on this to come soon!)


In the meantime; it’s only fair to warn you of some communications difficulties that we may encounter in the week(s) immediately following our move.

As with all big logistical moves (such as moving offices) it’s never simple – and a big hurdle we’re facing at the moment is bringing over our IT and communications to the new premises in a swift and simple fashion! (There are lots of different moving parts…)

For the most part we will be fully operational… but on the proviso that this might not be the case, we ask for your patience! Remember, all of our mobile numbers are listed on our team pages on the website (so if you’re having trouble getting through, try going direct)!

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t had problems when it comes to a big move, so we’ve become fairly prosaic about the situation! Normal service will be resumed as fast as we can get it!

Ultimately, the new premises, and the capacity it will provide us to grow and deliver evermore for our clients is worth every inconvenient moment!

REMINDER: TOG Powerhour @ The Shard with Phil

IP Protect's Philip Partington Presents a Free Workshop on Powering-up IP at The Shard, 1pm, 29th of November

IP Protect’s Philip Partington Presents a Free Workshop on Powering-up IP at The Shard, 1pm, 29th of November

A quick reminder aswell that IP Protect’s very own Philip Partington is running a “Powerhour” session at The Shard in London; on Wednesday the 29th of November at 1pm. We’ve had great interest for this event – and there are still some spaces available!

In the session, Philip will help attendees: identify, protect and monetise intellectual property.

The session is free to attend!

Grab your ticket now by clicking the link below

Grab a Ticket!!!


So, just a couple of special alerts in this quick broadside of an email for you.

Don’t worry! There will still be a normal monthly newsletter coming out at the end of November, with all of our recent updates, posts and news!

(Consider this one a bit of a bonus!)

Without further ado, I’ll let you get on!


You can call me on:

0113 237 9900

or email me at:

Look forward to hearing from you! Ta,

– Liz

Virtuoso Legal is Moving On Up!: Liz Ward Stands on a Staircase

Virtuoso Legal is Moving on Up was written by Liz Ward

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