Virtuoso Legal at Historical Harewood House for Festive Celebration

Virtuoso Legal were delighted to be joined by clients and supporters at Harewood House for a unique celebration of the festive season.

Find below some pictures of the evening, taken by members of the Virtuoso Legal team (some blurrier than others).

Harewood House from the exterior
Harewood House: Philip Partington and Lakmal Walawage pictured
Harewood House: a large chandelier hangs from an ornate ceiling
Harewood House: Jordan Davies and Lakmal Walawage stand in front of a picture of the queen
Harewood House: an ornately decorated Christmas tree featuring a bridal veil and large train
Harewood House: Gemma Wilson and Lauren Waterman stand in front of the Christmas tree in the reception hallway.
Harewood House: a second shot of the bridal train extended over the decorated scene in the house
Harewood House: Razvan Popa, Lauren Waterman, Gemma Wilson and Martin Hendry pose in front of the Christmas tree in the main hall of Harewood House
Harewood House: A room decorated with Vogue cover cut outs demonstrate the Victorian fashions that the theme was based on
Harewood House: Kirsten Toft poses with a valued client  in front of a Christmas tree
Harewood House: "The Yellow Drawing Room" with walls covered in fine yellow silk reliefs is also filled with sunflowers
Harewood House: Liz Ward watches on as a magician amazes a client with a trick
Harewood House: The reception hall's Christmas tree from below

Of the event principal and founder Elizabeth Ward said:

It was truly a thrill to celebrate Christmas with some of our favourite people. Harewood House is steeped in history; from it’s architecture, to its fittings, to the incredible displays that were in place on the evening. It’s truly an example of the excellence the region has to offer.

A big thank you to all of our supporters and clients (both those in attendance and those who couldn’t make it) who have given us a year to remember.

We wish you all the very best for the festive season.

We would like to echo Liz’s statement, by sending you best wishes for the season and a happy new year from the Virtuoso Legal team.

Virtuoso Legal at Historical Harewood House for Festive Celebration was  written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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