Virtuoso Legal Discuss GDPR and Brexit with Open to Export

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Virtuoso Legal x Open to Export

Virtuoso Legal were delighted to present a webinar in conjunction with Open to Export about the challenges facing exporters.

Open to Export were kind enough to record and post this seminar on their website for those who were unable to attend at the time.

In the presentation Kirsten and Dr. Martin cover the main legal touch-points that exporters come to face – and the considerations that now come into play in light of GDPR and Brexit.

The presentation covers:

  • How to protect your IP overseas
  • The key considerations GDPR bring to the fore
  • How Brexit might impact the key IP rights
  • Considerations that come into play relating to exporters’ contracts and agreements

In many regards, exporters face a range of unique challenges that other businesses simply do not face. Of particular note is extrajudicial law, and the ways that businesses must move very strategically to not find themselves exposed to damage as they grow.

Virtuoso Legal have worked alongside exporters over the course of our ten year history to make the uncertainties that face exporters, certain. As a result we are happy to work with Open to Export and the Institute of Export to help great British business continue to make waves worldwide.

In addition to this, Virtuoso Legal fielded a range of questions from attendees that were submitted by attendees. These were included in Open To Export’s FAQs linked below.

To watch the webinar, visit Open to Export by clicking the link below.


Watch the Webinar


Further to this, if you have any questions, please feel free to review Open to Export’s comprehensive FAQs on the area.

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Virtuoso Legal Discuss GDPR and Brexit with Open to Export was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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