Virtuoso Legal Awarded Twice in Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards 2018

Virtuoso Legal Awarded Twice in Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards

Virtuoso Legal Awarded Twice in Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards | Image by Adam Carter on Flickr

Virtuoso Legal Awarded Twice in Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards 2018

Virtuoso Legal are delighted to announce that they have been awarded:


“Best IP Disputes Firm – UK”


“Brand Protection IP Solicitor of the Year – England”


…in the Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards.

The firm is particularly pleased to be recognised for it’s field-leading reputation in complex IP litigation matters – an area we are particularly proud of and active within..

Building a Explosive Reputation for Excellence in IP Litigation

Virtuoso Legal are a boutique intellectual property law firm.

Our specialists are solely focused on IP – and as such, have a sterling track record in contentious IP matters when pitted against firms of non-specialists.

This has been demonstrated in the complex matters which the team have, and continue to be, instructed on.

We are delighted that all of the above have been taken into account by AI Global’s panel of judges – and that moreover, we have been recognised for this singular expertise in two separate categories.

About AI Global and the Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards

AI Global are a UK-based publisher who produce Acquisition International Magazine. Launched in 2013, Acquisition International is a monthly publication and online platform covering a range of global corporate interests.

AI are committed to raising the profile of excellent operators within the corporate sphere, attracting editorial submissions and international readership from the top-tier in business.

Virtuoso Legal – A Promise

Virtuoso Legal work closely in partnership with clients to ensure that any action that is undertaken strategically – to not only minimise clients’ commercial risk, but maximise their financial outcomes.

This invariably leads to sophisticated strategies focused wholly on success and cutting-edge casework – the kind of which continues to be recognised year-on-year by industry experts.

Philip Partington, Head of IP Protect, Virtuoso Legal’s contentious team said:

It is brilliant to receive wider recognition for the work we do at Virtuoso Legal. Our contentious case load is both extensive and varied – requiring, at all times, the depth and scope of our expertise. Because of this, working at Virtuoso Legal can be a bit of a roller-coaster ride, and it’s never boring! Ultimately though, it comes down to securing the results our clients need – and we are more than happy to use the special expertise we have here to do that – each and every time.”

Virtuoso Legal Principal Liz Ward added:

When I started Virtuoso Legal 10 years ago, I had a vision of what an truly dedicated IP specialist law firm could and should be. Whilst there is still a ways to go to achieve my vision (watch this space) it is very rewarding to be recognised for our work in an area where we have truly come in to our own. The fact remains that IP law is incredibly misunderstood and we see people spending thousands more than they should, to receive advice that is concerning to say the least. Recognition like this, and the results we continue to achieve for our clients serve as a constant reminder that: whilst a a small firm, we’re heavy hitters – and no matter the opponent, we continue to be a formidable force in the court room.”

This post will be updated with press releases pertaining to the result as and when they become made available to us.


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Virtuoso Legal Awarded Twice in Acquisition International IP Excellence Awards 2018 was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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