Urgent Information! If your brand or trade name is one of your key business assets….

Your brand or trade name is probably one of your key business assets.

This weekend is the last weekend before some significant changes to the Community Trade Mark system. If you want to register a mark or already have marks you’ve registered yourself you need to know 2 key things:

As of 24 March 2016, the trade mark official fees are changing. If you need more than one class then speak to us urgently as the fees are increasing!

Also, as of 24 March if you have previously registered a trade mark yourself OHIM will apply much stricter rules about the specifications you’ve registered your mark for.

So if you’ve used broad classifications from the UK trade mark office, the whole or parts of your trade mark registration could now be easily invalidated by third parties. This will not apply if your registrations have been professionally filed. However, going forward OHIM will reject broad ranging specifications previously used by some businesses that have self filed.

What Do I Do?!?

In order to help clients we are offering appointments over the next 4 days (including Saturday and Sunday) to sort out all your trade mark filing at a fixed fee.

We are also offering 30 minute and 1 hour strategy consultations at a fixed fee to protect and enhance your brand portfolio. If you would like to know more then please Call us to book an appointment and ask to speak to Liz or Lakmal.

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