Top Tourist Attractions in London for Kids

The city of London has never been too beautiful and touristy. It has faced gloomy and dark past full of burns, Viking attacks, battles, bomb blasts, sieges, conquests, terrorism, and what not. However, it is also full of rich history and its medieval buildings are the living examples of great stories. Here are some of the best kids-friendly attractions in London you shouldn’t miss –


Science Museum – This museum has no lack of life-like demonstrations to chill down to your spine. It also exhibits the Puffing Billy, world’s oldest steam train which survived. Get an insight to the materials and how flight has been made possible. Explore the evolution of digital technology in modern exhibits.


Natural History Museum – It is one of the most sought-after museums located on Exhibition Road. It is indeed the best attraction for kids. If your children love Jurassic series, they will definitely fall in love with this museum. It has the awesomeness of animatronics velociraptors, skeletons, and the scariest life-like T-Rex.


If they come out of the dinosaur hangover, there are more than 70 million specimens of insects, minerals, and various amazing things to see for kids. Here, your kids can easily explore the tectonic plate specimens, scorpions, and blue whale skeletons. You can also explore the ornate architecture at the Natural History Museum.


Regents Park – The home to London Zoo, Regents Park has penguins, lions, and more animals to explore. Spread over 2500 acres, it is worth to visit here to see the beautiful wildflowers, woods and herds of deer.


Your kids will love to hide behind hollow trees, build fortress with branches, climb, and get muddy to go wild here. You can explore some natural beauty here at almost all times of year, from autumn leaves to bluebell woods.


Buy a ticket to bus tour – Open-topped bus tour is not just for adults, but it is also fun for your kids. The streets of London have no lack of epic history and up over the street level are the way to explore it. Bus tours are usually available with live guides. Sit around them and tell them you love dragons, Harry Potter, or Great Fire of 1666.


The Victoria & Albert Museum – Though it is not a child-friendly home, it is really a wonderful place for both children and grown-ups. Go upstairs and let your kids run wild on stacking plates and see the process of kiln oven. If you have little girls, they will admire fashion exhibitions.


Covent Garden – It is a kind of town square and market. You can buy all kinds of things from designer perfumes to antiques to nice wooden toys. The street acts are the best thing for kids to explore. You can witness the performances of jugglers, acrobats, magicians, clowns and singers. They all make a great afternoon for all the visitors here.


Visit the grand palaces – Get the complete experience of English country in Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace which are both child-friendly and open to visitors.