Top 6 Most Instagram-Worthy Tourist Spots in Leeds

These days, people make their travel plans by checking out their Instagram. They also aim to click the most happening destinations and upload them to their Insta. The iconic photo sharing app has become the perfect staple to plan a trip to a completely new and unknown city. So, followers can check out the best spots before they embark on a trip. Here are the best picture-worthy spots you should visit in Leeds, if you want to inspire others with your travel goals.

Friends of Ham

Sorry vegetarians! Friends of Ham, as the name suggests, is mostly about pork. From the neon “HAM” word attached to the wall to the most photogenic and appetizing charcuterie plates, everything is clear when you step in. Even the beer mats and menus are designed well with the pig motif of the bar. If you are vegetarian, it also has a lot of bread, cheese, craft ale and wine to taste. Hence, it is best suited for everyone.

Colours May Vary

This achingly cool store presents a range of well-designed books, magazines, and small gifts to offer. All of these are laid well in a very stylish interior that is complemented with a lot of plants and picture-perfect furniture. Basically, it’s a dream land for an Instagrammer. It’s a best place to snap the elements. It also has a lot of things to take home.

Layne’s Espresso

For relaxing coffee and brunch, Layne’s Espresso is the most popular spot in Leeds which has recently been renovated and doubled its size. So, there is more space to cram within and snap your favorite brew. Well, it’s more than just clicking your perfect cup of coffee. The red façade of the structure also adds an impression in many Instagram posts, just like the appetizing food, stylish interior, and Layne’s tote bag.

Tall Boys Beer Market

Located in Thornton’s Arcade, this small shop-cum-bar has almost everything you should post in Instagram. Behind the highly Instagrammable shop-front with plants for sale and fresh loaves of bread, you will check out a range of the best craft beer downstairs. Upstairs, there is a small room where you can sip your favorite beer, admire the plants displayed on the wall, rotating artwork, or just peer through the window. A word of caution; you won’t be able to stop yourself to take hundreds of pictures there. Be sure to have enough space on your Photos folder.

Headrow House

In this hipster bar, it’s not the interior only which is picturesque. It’s also the roof terrace which is the center of attraction for most Instagram shots. It’s the best place to sit on warm, summer days, with a drink and admire the views of the city. The neon red sign “YOU USED TO CALL ME ON YOUR CELL PHONE” turns on when night falls and is captured by most camera lenses.

Kirkstall Abbey

Last but not the least; Kirkstall Abbey is placed around the old ruins strategically to be the focus of your camera lens thanks to its amazing atmosphere. Plan your trip on misty days to click the best photographs.