Things to Do in London when it Rains

Are you in London but it’s raining outside? Don’t worry! Even wet weather can’t stop you from having fun!


In London, it doesn’t rain that much. You are here because you are too obsessed with rainy weather, right? You can also explore the beauty of city with lots of attractions when it rains.


The City’s Museums

This idea may seem not so happening for you but it is still worth to visit some of the great art galleries and museums in London. Larger museums are free and you can easily pop in when you are here in downpour.


Make way off an Escape Room

Spend a beautiful evening in escape room. It is a great indoor attraction open from 10am to evening. You don’t have to book in advance. It calls for three to five people to enjoy the live escape game. Here, you will be locked in a room and you need to open the locks within 60 minutes to get out. It is full of fun for both kids and adults.


Watch Movies

London has no lack of paradises for movie lovers in rainy days. The heart of ‘cinema land’ in London, Leicester Square is the home to some of the most film premiers in the city. Along with some of the mainstream cinemas, Prince Charles Cinema offers tickets in lower rates. There is a cinema in the Science Museum and an IMAX theater at Waterloo.  If you are on your own, you can even visit BFI Southbank and Mediatheque, to watch the archive of British Film Square for free.


Go Shopping

London is also a shopper’s heaven with some of the best shopping hubs in the world. You may hit a huge departmental store like Harrods to find everything under one roof or two shopping malls in Westfield, namely Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London.


The long Oxford Street has four tube stations and has a lot of High Street shops and a lot of flagship branches. At Oxford Circus, you can visit for Carnaby Street or visit Hamleys with kids as its seven floors are full of toys.


Don’t miss the Theatre Show

According to the time of day when it rains, London theatre is the best choice to divert your mind off the unfavorable weather.


River Cruise

It may sound crazy but you can still have the best time while enjoying the cruise to River Thames if it’s raining but not too windy. From Bateaux London, you can try afternoon tea and dinner cruises. You can even enjoy evening cruise on the Silver Sturgeon.


The London Eye ride

It is surely a great move especially when it’s raining. You can catch the unobstructed views from this dry, warm rotating capsule. Use raindrops as props on the windows to take more exciting pictures of sights.


Dine out

There is no reason to have a great treat outdoors with kids and family. Go for chips or fish or some delicious British dishes. No matter whatever the weather outside, you can make your afternoon warm with some tea and fancy cakes. Have a pub pie and pint of ale for something more casual.