Virtuoso IP Academy – Ten Minute Training

Virtuoso IP Academy Ten Minute Training

Virtuoso IP Academy – Ten Minute Training

We asked our business clients and in-house lawyers if they wanted to know more about their IP…

They all said: yes!

But they then they told us:

  1. Finding time to train was impossible
  2. The price, in terms of outright cost and lost productivity, was too high
  3. Available courses were dull and didn’t offer useful insights and soft skills

So we set to change the landscape of online legal training…

Welcome to the Virtuoso IP Academy

  • The Virtuoso IP Academy is a practical IP training resource built by award-winning IP professionals
  • Courses cover key topics in sets of snappy 10-minute videos you can digest (and enjoy!) on your coffee break 
  • Topics are delivered by our leading IP experts with decades of hands-on experience
  • What’s more; the training also makes sense for your bank balance…



A single course (10+ videos on a topic, twice a week) is charged on a one-off basis at only: £149 (plus VAT).

Full membership to Virtusos IP Academy includes: unrestricted access to all training modules, direct access to the IP Academy Answers service; and input into new module topics. Full membership is: £1199 (plus VAT) for 12 months membership; or £120 (plus VAT) per month over 12 months).



IP Academy Courses

Completed and planned courses include:

  • Trade Marks and Passing Off
  • Copyright Basics
  • Trade Secrets and the Law of Confidence
  • Managing Patents and Technology
  • Commercialising your IP
  • Keep your IP Safe Online

and many more to come…


For more detailed information on our courses and membership options please click here



Want to know more?

For more information about our courses, email either Elizabeth Ward or Martin Hendry



01132 379 900


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