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Lakmal Walawage at Ginger Ray

Client Spotlight: Ginger Ray

Meet Ginger Ray, a client who has been with us for a number of years. Ginger Ray are a specialist designer, manufacturer and distributor of various partywear, tableware and other trend-setting designs and products for use at special occasions.

Under Armour Logo

Brand Breakdown 001 Under Armour

A registered trade mark (or indeed, set of registered trademarks) is the bedrock of each of the world’s biggest brands. Whether it’s a logo, slogan or other brand assets – these trade marks let...

Can I Trade Mark A Hashtag

Can I Trade Mark a #Hashtag?

The humble “#”, is used across many social networks to categorize posts and information. In reality, this ensures #’d conversations all stay on the same track. In the world of online marketing, ownership over...