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Ellie Wilson

Welcome to the team, Ellie!

Ellie Wilson has joined the team at Virtuoso Legal as a trainee solicitor. After impressing the team during a placement in earlier in 2019, Ellie has returned as a full time member of the...

Are GIFs Subject to Copyright?

Are GIFs Subject to Copyright? Yes, like any original creative work GIFS are subject to copyright. But in practice, their lawful use is a slightly more complicated issue. Let me explain. GIFs as we...

Justice for Jing


Virtuoso Legal obtains indemnity costs award and interim payment in excess of £100,000 for Jing Lu in defending expedited High Court breach of confidence case by FreshAsia Foods

Tesla's Logo Mark EU005678602

Brand Breakdown 002 TESLA

There are a small number of companies that earn a unique global status for the work they do. These companies become household names and are recognised the world over through their brands. In this...