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IP Strategy

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion“ – Lee Bolman

IP audits and strategic review

Review of company structure and employment contracts

Forecasting and future planning

Holistic review and audit of business contracts

IP tax breaks

Research and development support


Contemporary businesses move fast and need to outsmart and outmanoeuvre competitors.

Big ideas soon become the backbone of a business. Proactive IP strategy can supercharge business growth.</p<

We are trusted partners to several innovative business in relation to keeping their best foot forward.

Whether a business is starting out, or already established within the marketplace - strategic forward-planning remains key to growth. It has never been more important for businesses to take a strategic approach to creating, growing and protecting their portfolio of IP assets.

In order to do so, there are as many different options available as there are types of intangible asset to ring-fence and nurture. In this way, for non-experts it can be difficult to identify priorities and how this aligns with the business’ broader goals.

Expert strategy can ensure that the development of a robust IP portfolio coincides with business growth in a sustainable and proportionate way.

Virtuoso Legal work in partnership with their clients through the lifecycle of their business growth and, through experience and expertise, are excellently placed to offer a range of proactive and long-term strategy to clients.

This helps unlock the incredible dormant value that lies in your business, and quickly aligns it with your future plans.​

“Ultimately, there are two fundamental stances that businesses can take. Those are a proactive or reactive stance. We see the second of these most commonly and are readily able to assist businesses in solving their problems when it comes to IP and broader commercial issues. What is far rarer (and better) is strategically helping businesses to avoid pitfalls before they arise – and placing them on the front foot with bespoke strategy and advice. Whether it’s risk removal, development of an asset portfolio, or identifying commercial opportunities – we love to help businesses take the bull by the horns and go from strength-to-strength.”

Kirsten Toft, Vice-Principal

Our experts in this area

Elizabeth Ward

Kirsten Toft

Kate Reid

Case study

Link Up Mitaka Ltd (t/a Thebigword) v Language Empire Ltd & Anor.   Maintaining a presence online is important to any contemporary business. For those who operate predominantly online this is especially important. Large scale companies, can often find that bad actors will utilize their brand (whether onsite, or within the domain name, for example)…
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