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IP Disputes

“Boxing is like chess. You encourage your opponent to make mistakes so you can capitalise on it.” – Samuel Butler

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Virtuoso Legal’s litigation team has a storied history of achieving outstanding results across the broadest range of different IP disputes.

Our disputes team has secured remarkable results in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), the UK High Court, Supreme Court as well as in proceedings in the UKIPO and EUIPO.

In each case, Virtuoso Legal endeavour to resolve cases for clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible – in line with their stated commercial aims.

Intellectual property (IP) is the general name given to the law covering patents, copyright, design right, databases, trade secrets trade marks and other knowledge assets.

Disputes around these assets can be complicated, on account of highly technical law that governs them and the broad range of commercial contexts in which they are found.

However, IP disputes can also be incredibly damaging to businesses, especially if they are not resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner. Oftentimes the value of the IP is overlooked by businesses, that is until someone copies, infringes of steals their assets - at which point it becomes very apparent.

A specialist intellectual property advisor will help you identify, register and enforce IP, where possible, to achieve maximum protection from bad actors.

The process we follow


Review and Advice

On all matters we undertake a review at the initial stage to: landscape, describe and clarify the validity of the claim. We provide a review of the facts and law in order to provide you with your next best steps.

In many ways, the review is the most important stage in any matter. A legal claim can only be established on correct interpretation of the facts and relevant law. Our specialists are best placed to make the most strong argument at this stage – often solving issues before they gain traction.



Once a review has been completed, a response letter to the other side may be required. A response letter often concludes a matter – either seeking action from the other side or mitigating a claim by limiting it’s legal footing.

It is critical that any response, or initial legal claim is carefully constructed, as it constitutes the foundation of a claim. An incorrect claim can result in a costly counterclaim.



Should the other side not agree to withdraw their claim or fulfil undertakings – correspondence may then occur to progrerss the claim. The extent to which this occurs depends on many factors, including (but not limited to) the strength of the other side’s legal position.

In such cases there may be a balancing act between accruing further legal fees to argue with belligerent opposition and seeking to conclude the claim. In each instance we endeavour to leave you in the best possible legal position.


ADR / Settlement

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) and settlements are agreed courses of action decided by both sides on a claim. Such agreements are expertly negotiated by our team to ensure that the outcome best suits your business goals. In such cases where binding agreements are made it is vital to have experienced experts negotiating your position; as such agreements will determine how your business is legally bound in the future.

Ensuring that the agreements and settlements that you have achieved are in your interest is vital, as breaking these agreements can result in serious legal and financial repercussions.



Where possible, Virtuoso Legal’s experts will do everything within their power to ensure that your claim is comprehensively resolved prior to trial. However, if this is not possible, the Virtuoso Legal team are highly experienced in resolving litigious matters in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), High Court and intellectual property offices (IPOs). In addition to this, Virtuoso Legal have secured results in the UK Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Trial can be challenging, with a large amount of preparatory work being completed by our team and barristers. Our mission is to presentthe strongest possible legal argument, minimise the impact of the litigation on your business, and achieve the best possible judgment for you.

“In each case, our specialist team seeks to resolve your dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our unique in-house expertise allows us to resolve issues much quicker than our competitors, before costs get out of hand.”

Liz Ward, Founding Director

Our experts in this area

Liz Ward

Kirsten Toft

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Argos Limited v Argos Systems Inc.   Prior to the “digital age”, retailers would outbid one another for prestigious units on the High Street; those with the largest stores in the location with the greatest footfall usually succeeded. These days, customers prefer to purchase online rather than in-store. At present, the key digital “real estate”…
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Thanks very much to Virtuoso Legal for bringing me justice. This success is only kept me my job, but also my family. I spent everything I have in defending this case and finally received peace of mind. It is no doubt his team is the best I can find and they also have lots of…

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