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International Trade

“We need people pushing the boundaries. Exploration is what we, as humans, do“ – Heidi Hammel

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International trade is fraught with opportunity and uncertainty. Our experienced experts can make the uncertain certain for you and your business.

Exporting is an exciting prospect for businesses, but it is not without risk. Protecting your brands, design and inventions; as well as securing your key international partnerships is key to success.

Our team can help you identify your priorities and achieve certainty.

Today’s contemporary businesses enter the international market faster than ever.

When doing so it is important to secure both the right partners in those markets (whether it is your distributors, agents or otherwise) as well as robustly protect your interests.

The correct approach to broaching the unknown when entering new territories can be the difference between a new market either fuelling your success or quickly becoming a drain on you and your expansion efforts.

You need a clear understanding of what is required to secure your interests which is especially challenging to achieve remotely.

The objective here is to create absolute certainty in relation to your business’ footprint in overseas territories, including but not limited to: responsibilities of local partners, optimal protection of your assets abroad and securing your legal position and obligations pertaining to local laws.

Virtuoso Legal are trusted partners to international businesses and are trusted by many of our clients to provide holistic ongoing strategic advice and binding legal agreements to nurture and manage rapid growth in international markets.

“International growth is perhaps the most exciting phase for a business after its founding. It’s the point where a business really makes a name for itself. Because of this, it’s so important to make sure that you make the right choices so your debut on the world stage is a triumphant one. We’re delighted to have a host of experience helping businesses expand into new jurisdictions and achieve comprehensive certainty of their growth. Much of this comes from our close partnership with the Institute of Export and International Trade, who have a host of expertise and experience on hand.”

Elizabeth Ward, Founding Director and IP Solicitor

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