Some Unusual Tours in London to explore a different side of the city

One can easily satisfy their wanderlust for history, culture, entertainment and adventure with so many sightseeing attractions of London. In this guide, we are not going to talk about popular tourist destinations in London. There are so many blogs out there.


Here, we will discover some of the most unique and unusual tours to experience the unexpected side of London.


Sherlock Holmes Tour

Unearth the different sides of Sherlock Holmes from the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle around London. Also walk on the steps of Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch who stepped into detective’s shows for TV and film. It would definitely be an offence to miss this tour in London.


Wembley Stadium Tour

Take the irresistible tour to Wembley Stadium and visit the changing room of England squad, feel as legends by walking through the player’s tunnel and stand with FA Cup in the Royal Box. Book a tour to experience the thrill until you realize your dream of playing there.


Jack The Ripper Walk Tour

Beware! This walking tour is not for the faint hearted. Enter if you dare. In this guided tour, you will walk through the ghostly East London streets and feel the fear of most notorious unsolved murder mysteries in the world in the backdrop of 1888.  If you are fond of suspense thriller films and novels, you shouldn’t miss this tour.


Speedboat Tours

Who can miss whizzing up the River Thames on a speedboat? Both kids and adults love this thrill to explore London in a different side. Board a speedy and small RIB with a guide who will tell you about the attractions like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the Coca-Cola London Eye.


Eating Tours

Taste the rich and delicious cuisines at some of the best pubs and restaurants of East End and get introduced to the rich history and culture of Spitalfields and Brick Lane of London.


London Law Tour

When booking your British Tours, don’t forget London Law Tour where you will explore the pre-historic legal attractions in a minibus or a private car. Be guided around the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey and attend the running hearing in the courtroom.


London Walk Tour

Walk through the serene back roads, lesser-known streets, and canal walkways across the city and explore more about the Westminster Abbey, Jack the Ripper, The Beatles, Harry Potter, Royal London, Shakespeare, and other legends.


The Houses of Parliament

Go through the steps of the Queen and live the moment when she starts a session here. Stand behind the seat of the Prime Minister in the House of Commons and get an insight to the death warrant by Cromwell for Charles I. Feel the environment of governance in the guided audio tour and explore more about its rich history.


Tour to Sandemans Grim Reaper

Get a glimpse to London in 15th century with this guided tour “Sandemans Grim Reaper” through the gloom and doom of the dark East End of London and walk the steps of Jack the Ripper.