Sick of Sightseeing? Enjoy These Unusual Activities in Leeds

Bored of same activities across the city of Leeds? Are you done with trawling the shops? Art galleries and museums overwhelming you? Here are some of the best and most unusual things you can do to fill your days and nights with adventures.

Befriend with penguins at Harewood House
Attach personally and get close to an animal that you would be surprised to have in Leeds at Harewood House. Have some fun things and experiences meeting the friendly Humboldt penguins and feed them with the fish they love the most. Though this activity is not that cheap, but you would definitely keep some funds aside to meet those enticing creatures.

Be Ready to Scare the Hell Out at Simply Ghost Nights
Leeds has no lack of buildings that are reportedly haunted, such as Leeds Dispensary, Temple Newsam, and Armley Mills. At these spooky locations, Simply Ghost Nights plans various horror events after hours. If you’re brave enough, challenge yourself to wander around these abandoned buildings to hunt for eerie happenings or spend the nights if you dare.

Watch what you like at the Holbeck Underground Ballroom
Located in one of the grimier places of town, the Holbeck Underground Ballroom is an ultimate destination for performance-seekers. It is located under the railway arches where you can enjoy free brew and affordable beer. It is known for having world-class and eccentric theatre. Here, you can pay for what you want without worrying about costs.

Have some beer at Tall Boys
Tall Boys is a well-known store for indie craft beer and a perfect destination for beer lovers. So cheers! But there is something more to surprise you. It’s a secret area upstairs where you can sit and enjoy your beer. It is crafted by The Plant Room to present the themed prints designed by local artists, plenty of plants, and a living wall. Feast on the views of Thornton Arcade, sip your beer, and enjoy the programme hosted there at regular intervals.

Get an Insight to Coffee Culture at North Star
Book your seats on Coffee Academy workshops at North Star micro-roasters where you can learn a bit more about the drink you love the most. It has experiences tailored for both professional and personal interests to offer courses in sensory skills, home brewing, and barista. Buy some beans, make your own coffee, and make the perfect coffee at home.

West Leeds Activity Centre – The Leap of Faith
Do you love being outdoors and enjoy physical activities? West Leeds Activity Centre offers a lot of adventure activities to get indulged. If you are bored of sumo wrestling and climbing, attempt the Leap of Faith. This activity covers jumping from a height and depending on the wires holding you up. Initially, you can start with 20 ft pole to climb up. Be ready to jump before joining.

Take a ride of hot air balloon
Take a hot air balloon ride to explore Leeds from a totally different angle during either sunset or sunrise. Starting from Temple Newsam, the balloon takes you through the nearby countryside and the city, giving endless picture-perfect views to share and enjoy a relaxing glass of champagne.