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Virtuoso Principal Liz Ward interviewed in Law Society Gazette

Liz was interviewed as part of the "My Legal Life" series.

Virtuoso Legal principal Liz Ward has been interviewed in the Law Society Gazette for their series "My Legal Life".

The interview provides background as to Liz's journey entering into the law and the unique perspective on the legal sector that led Liz to set up IP specialist Virtuoso Legal in 2007.

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About the Law Society Gazette

The Law Society Gazette is the publication of record to solicitors in England and Wales since 1903 when it was established. It is considered the most respected and noteworthy news publication within the legal sector in England and Wales.

The Law Society itself is an independent professional body for solicitors within the same jurisdiction.


About Liz Ward and Virtuoso Legal

Virtuoso Legal is a firm of IP specialists based in London and Leeds, who operate nationwide and with global reach. 

Virtuoso Legal was set up by Liz Ward in 2007 as an answer to the problems she noticed within large scale law firms where the solutions clients needed were not readily available.

Virtuoso Legal now offers a fully comprehensive and vertically integrated set of intellectual property services for their clients - representative of the new ways the businesses they represent operate.

More detail about the experiences that informed these decisions can be found in the article.


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