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A Statement from Liz and Virtuoso Legal

A statement from Liz and Virtuoso Legal

Straight off the bat: Virtuoso Legal is operating as normal.
Our existing clients will continue to benefit from the excellent service they have come to expect, and will not experience any disruption to their cases.
(If you need any immediate help, get in touch with me by clicking the button below.)
Let me explain why.
Not like other law firms
In late January 2020, I received an email from a solicitor from a big law firm on the other side of a matter that read:
"We have not and will not accept service by email"
A further letter read:
"the law firms we normally deal with do not accept service of documents by email."
The clear inference here is that we were not a force to be reckoned with because we'd moved on with technology and no one else in the larger law firms (who are our normal competitors) had adopted new practices.
This is 2020 and this firm and the Courts have been accepting electronic documents for several years now.
You can imagine my rather salty reply...
All those law firms whose systems aren't flexible enough to allow home working, service by email and online consultations must now be ruing the day!
We're ready to help
At Virtuoso Legal, we've invested in remote working capabilities and have secure and reliable cloud systems operational right across the board.
We also have a team of highly specialised staff who love to adopt new and better ways of doing things.
So what has this delivered? Resilience, continuity and an opportunity to be flexible. This allows us to deliver our services efficiently, effectively and at lower costs than our competitors - even when things get challenging.
Having adopted these technologies and practices prior to the current circumstances has, in my view, been a massive factor in the kinds of results we've achieved for clients thus far.
We are also uniquely placed to decisively assist new clients to navigate the legal issues they may face during this unpredictable time.
You might consider us a bit like the "IP SAS".
If you need help right away in securing your commercial interests or reducing risk in your business, do not hesitate to get in touch right away to discuss and we'll see how we can help.
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We're in it together
As a business owner, I understand your concerns - my heart sank on Monday evening when we decided it was best for everyone if we all worked from home.
We understand that this is a very challenging time for everyone, ourselves included. I totally share your concerns about how this will affect the economy going forward.
We're all doing our bit to try and avoid this natural disaster and if that means remote working and Zoom calls in the coming months - then we're fully equipped to deal with it.
As a business owner who has been through crises before (such as 2008!) I know exactly how important it is to act decisively in times like these.
I also know exactly how worried you are that you might not get justice or be able to afford good advice because of all this.
But please be assured.
We are here to work with you and for you.
If this means we have to be flexible about payment of our fees; or we need to work out a way of getting your IP in order in the longer term, or you need a plan to help navigate your current, then please talk to us.
We are small, flexible and resilient.
What we are not, is like many other law firms!
Get in touch
As always, my door is open. If you want to talk about anything click the link below or give me a call on 0113 237 9901.
I and Virtuoso Legal will do whatever we can to help.
All the best to you from myself and the Virtuoso Legal Team (Kirsten, Lakmal, Razvan, Lauren, Ellie, James, Hallam, Martin, Haydn, Todd and Chris).
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