Most Unique Things You should do to soak up the Best Touring Experience in London

With the long-back history of over 1000 years, you can rest assured to explore some of the most amazing tourist destinations in London. From museums to temples and from historical landmarks to recreational venues, here’s where you can explore the real city.

Explore the Last Tuesday Society
It is not just a gallery, a shop or a Victorian wormhole which is loaded with unusual curiosities? It is where you can explore the taxidermy you must consider. It is also known as Little Shop of Horrors by Viktor Wynd. Here, you can find a range of bizarre items.

Spend the night at London Zoo
At London Zoo, visitors can stay behind when night falls and gates shut. You may book your overnight stay in one of the new lodges. You will get a drink, dinner, after dark tour, and unique experiences and fry up.

Kayaking on the Thames
It might feel murky and you will surely not fall in but you can get closer and personal with the Thames, an iconic river in London. Every day, small groups kayak around the Little Venice or the Houses of Parliament.

Explore the three centuries old tea shop
Brits are also known for their endless love of tea. London used to run the Twinings Café practically on the Strand and we have seen some of the amazing changes since it were established in 1706. Twining was probably the first who brought tea to the UK and has been offering the brews to the Royal households since 1837.

Have a tour to a subterranean railway
It’s not the Tube. It’s the new Postal Museum which has brought one of the railways back to life under London. Once upon a time, they were used for the delivery of letters when only two deliveries were made in a day. In July 2017, Mail Rail has been opened.

The Clink Prison Museum
Located just opposite the South Bank, The Clink Prison Museum has long-back history where you can feel the life in the oldest prison in England. The clink was being operated from 12th century to 1780. Now you can get there and explore the prison without any restrictions.

Explore the giant Masonic lodge
The Masonic temple is covered in the plain sight at the Andaz Hotel, which is positioned just over Liverpool Street Station. The Great Eastern Hotel was one of the biggest hotels in London and it was built in the year 1884. It also had its route which came in the hotel. It is a panoramic spot for a big secret temple for the meetings of Masons in London. It was lost by the 1980s when the hotel gone out of use. A huge temple was uncovered by the designers which was built in Grecian style with 13 types of marble and a gold dome.

The History of Soho
The water pump in Soho which once helped cure cholera had played a vital role to save lives. A doctor John Smith locked the outbreak of water-borne disease back to this pump in the year 1854. Raise a pint to him when you visit John Smith’s pub.