Most Bizzare Tourist Attractions in London You May Have Never Seen Before

If you are tired of seeing the same old museums, clicking selfies at some of the most popular attractions, or already seen the new exhibitions, you might be wondering what else to see in this city. We have searched every nook and corner of the capital for you to bring together the most unusual things for you to do

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Natural History & Fine Art
This curiosity shop at Mare Street is both off any beaten track determinedly and on the art circuit. Get an insight to the world of velvety Victorians through the windows or you may witness The Mighty Boosh. On the entry to the shop, which also houses the esoteric Last Tuesday Society, showcases the wunderkammer of skulls, shells, assorted oddities and taxidermy specimens.

Moo Canoes
Enjoy the watery sightseeing while kayaking in a bovine boat down the Thames. Themed with black/white cow print, the two-to-three-man vessel will be your perfect mode for transport. There are different routes to waterway to choose from, such as Hackney Wick or Limehouse Basin, and some have meal stops to accommodate canoers.

Great Museum of Zoology
This museum is just one of its kinds in the city of London and it seems it has been here for over a century. These avenues of display can add a transporting effect with cases that are full of the gunnels with taxidermy specimens, animal skeletons, and creatures that are sealed in liquid, like a typical Victorian wunderkammer. From tiny moles jar to giant elephant skull, you can find a lot of things to amaze you.

Low tide walks in Deptford Creek
Take a guided low tide walk at Deptford Creek. It is one of only few natural creeks left in the UK. It is a perfect destination for saltwater and freshwater plants and animals, butterflies, birds and around 120 wild flower species. It is essential to book in advance and walk at least two hours over there.

God’s Own Junkyard
It showcases the personal collection of neon artist, Chris Bracey in a salvage yard located in Walthamstow. It collects virtually everything from his Soho signage in 60s to his work for film industry. Some of its pieces were also used in “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Captain America” and “Byzantium”.

Lee Valley White Water Centre
The official venue of London 2012 Olympic Games is now open for enjoying various activities like canoeing, white-water rafting, and adrenaline-filled kayaking. It rides the rapids that influenced the best makes in the world for action-packed feeling. On the raft experience of the centre, you will be spinning, nose dunking, and high sliding on the course of Olympic Standard Competition.

Dennis Severs’ House
Immerse yourself in the incredible theatre experience in this panoramic time capsule tourist attraction. This Huguenot house has ten rooms which have been decked to recreate the snaps of life from 1724 to 1914 in Spitalfields. Have a trip to the life drama which will take you through the dining room, cellar, smoking room, kitchen, and upstairs to bedrooms.