“Marketing Professional Services Without Spending Megabucks”. 7 top tips from Joe Reevy about doing it right.

Marketing professional services: building your business – beyond referrals

Most of the time lawyers and accountants rely on reputation to grow their business. Sometimes this is enough – but often it means that money and a competitive edge is being left off the table.

It isn’t always a natural fit for professional businesses to market themselves. It’s quite a bit different from selling a T-Shirt – after all!

To help, we held a talk from Joe Reevy – who imparted great wisdom about email marketing. (Though these principles are useful across all types of marketing!)

We didn’t want people who weren’t able to attend to miss out. So, here are 7 top tips for marketing professional services from Joe.

Marketing for Professionals

1. Stay on target

One of the mistakes businesses make with their email marketing is it’s too general. When it comes to the crunch, if you cast your net too wide – you’ll end up catching nothing. Joe says it’s vital to drill down into your database and segment your audience.

Send content that is interesting to lawyers to… lawyers! And send articles and offers that are interesting to clients to… (you guessed it) clients. If you send everything to everyone: you risk boring them all. Take the extra effort to make a meaningful connection.

2. Talk in their language

You wouldn’t send a letter to your grandmother in Klingon (unless, of course, she’s a “Trekkie”!) So why do we insist on sending jargon-laden emails to our clients!?

In a best-case scenario, you bamboozle enthusiastic clients… worst-case they’ll have switched off after the first sentence. If you talk to your audience on their terms – it shows you understand them. If you don’t – it says something else entirely!

3. Know the purpose of your email

Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. We start writing an email to our network and, in the process, forget what we’re actually trying to achieve. The result? A soft email that doesn’t really do… well, anything!

Your clients and peers’ time is as valuable as yours. So don’t waste it. Remember to make your case clear and get to the point! Your readers will respect you more for not walking them down the garden path.

Marketing for Professionals

4. Be timely

Another way of making a bad impression is by sharing old news. The reason why they call it news is that it is new. (It’s actually an acronym for “Notable Events, Weather, Sport”!) If you regurgitate old material, you make yourself look old hat.

Ensure that you’re either creating and sharing either “evergreen” or cutting-edge content. The latter shows your clients you’re cutting-edge too. It’s important to always review what you’re sharing and think about what it means to your audience. Yesterday’s news is today’s chip-paper.

5. Your clients aren’t impressed with your intellect

By and large, people who receive your emails are not wowed by displays of intelligence. Whilst demonstrating your smarts to clients and peers might seem the thing to do… in reality it doesn’t achieve anything. In most instances this actually creates greater distance between you and your audience.

Stick to talking in a frank an upfront manner. By grounding complex ideas in a simple way – you prove that you value communication more than showing off.

6. Track who opened what – get on the boat (fast!)

These days, most emailing systems allow you to find out who has opened your email (and more besides!) When the email has landed your job is not over. In fact, it’s only begun!

It is down to you to review the response to your email, find out who’s interested in what, and connect. Strike whilst the iron is hot! Lingering will only express a lack of clarity on your part. Close those loops!

7. Don’t talk at people… talk with them

What’s better than telling your peers about the latest and greatest thingamabob? How about starting a meaningful conversation with them about it (!)? It’s more interesting for audiences to be given a right to reply to something relevant to them… than to only hear your view.

Engaging your audience gives you an opportunity to learn their pain points. Who knows? You might learn something important you had no idea about!

Marketing Professional Services

Marketing Professional Services: Round-up

Joe’s talk provided real insight into common-sense fundamentals when it comes to e-marketing.

At the heart of it is a basic need for the right messages to be sent to the right people. To engage your audience (rather than put them to sleep…) you must give them something that is truly meaningful to them. Do that and you’re in a better place to earn their trust (and as a result their business).

It’s as simple as that.

Joe also gleaned how much business we could do sharing content with trusted sources. Looking at the numbers… serving up relevant material with a network of partners is the future. This is especially so for small businesses – who do not keep the same “content factories” as the big boys. Simple logic…(and very exciting).

But that’s a conversation for another day…! Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us. Joe Reevy is also available on Email, LinkedIn, Twitter and through his website.

As always, if you need to talk to one of our world-class solicitors… about marketing professional services, please call:

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Marketing Professional Services without Spending Megabucks was written by Dr. Martin Douglas Hendry

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