Liz Ward on the radio! In conversation about Argos (UK) v. Argos (US)

Liz Ward on the Radio!

Liz Ward on the radio!

Liz Ward appeared on the radio yesterday across 10 different stations!

In several live chats, Liz put the complexity of Virtuoso’s recent landmark victory for Argos Systems Inc. over Argos Limited into a nutshell – for thousands of listeners!

Liz discussed how Virtuoso were able to defend a small company (on all counts) against a household name, over a prolonged period of time – eventually winning on their terms. 

Liz notes that nowadays in our “clicks not bricks” economy, it seems that larger companies are seeking to fence off and protect their intellectual property; often putting legal pressure on smaller traders who may not be in the wrong at all.

Such a win really has a “David vs. Goliath” feel to it – as sadly, it is very rare for small traders to stand up to legal action from large companies with large pots of cash and expensive legal teams to throw at it!

Crucially, firms like Virtuoso Legal are all about fighting the good fight, so companies like Argos Systems Inc. don’t feel they have to pack up shop when the scary legal notice drops through the letterbox.

All of this (and more!) was covered across Liz’s appearances on the airwaves!

But if you weren’t able to catch Liz on: Share Radio, BBC Radio Scotland, Sky News Radio, Talking Tech Network, Radio Yorkshire, or the others; then we’ve a treat for you!

Click here to listen to Liz discuss on Share Radio!

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