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The development of technology is like a fast moving river, unless you keep up with it you will be left behind. It is this rapid march of technology that often makes applying a fixed medium, such as the law, difficult. For example how do you apply law to technology that wasn’t even in contemplation when it was drafted.

This is an issue that the solicitors at Virtuoso Legal deal with every day. Our specialists are expert at analysing new technology and working with you to ensure that is protected. Our expertise in these matters is industry recognised and we regularly receive instructions from other practitioners who don’t have the knowledge to conduct the matter.

We have acted for a number of clients who have been at the forefront of their various fields. We have helped one client achieve take a revolutionary piece of technology from concept right through to being a multi million pound business. We have also helped clients both prosecute and defend claims relating to technology, whose very design makes the claim difficult to understand.

Though non-exhaustive, we regularly advise clients on the areas below.

Software Development – Commissioning a piece of software to be developed is often highly expensive and should not be undertaken without appropriate advice. Too often we are approached by clients who have paid a hefty sum to a developer only to end up with software that doesn’t work or to actually not have any rights at all to the proprietary material. At Virtuoso we specialise in drafting software development agreements to properly manage the relationship between developer and client. We have acted for both sides in these arrangements and understand the specific needs of both parties. We can help you negotiate appropriate development targets with your developer and ensure that you are given ample opportunity to test any software that is created. Ownership is a vitally important part of any software development agreement and must be dealt with in order to give both parties certainty. If you instruct our specialist solicitors we will ensure that your software development goes as smoothly as possible.

Software Protection – Software development is an expensive business and it is only fair that the product of your labour is sufficiently protected. Unfortunately the law at present does not afford software as much protection as it should. Patents are only available for software in very limited circumstances and the only protection left principally is the law of copyright. Virtuoso Legal however can maximise the protection the law provides and advise you on the best way to protect your software. Our experts have worked with a number of clients on issues relating to software encryption and software copying. We have also helped clients achieve results who have had the unfortunate pleasure of having their software developed and then resold by their developer.

Software Litigation – Should you believe that your software is being infringed, or you are being accused of infringement, it is vitally important that you retain an expert to advise you. Claims regarding software are complex and their is minimal direction from the courts on how the law currently deals with software disputes. The solicitors at Virtuoso Legal are experts in these matters and are experienced in advising clients on software claims. We have achieved favourable results for our clients in a number of forums and are regularly instructed to advise on matters by other solicitors.

Software Selling and Licensing – Quite often a piece of software is developed with the sole intention of either selling or licensing it. The way that you choose to go about this will often decide if your business will succeed or not. If software is improperly sold or licensed it can seriously effect its valuable and viability as an ongoing revenue streams. Software providers much use appropriate agreements to manage how and when their software is used. Without these key provisions in place  clients have often found themselves losing out on a large amount of revenue. We can advise you on how best to commercialise your software and give the agreements you need to properly monetize and take advantage of your software.

App and Game Development – This area of our practice has rapidly expanded in recent years given the growth of the mobile application industry. It is vitally important for anyone looking to develop an app or a game that they speak to an expert. Without properly protecting your creation you could leave it open to copying and imitation by competitors. Here at Virtuoso we have advised a large number of clients on a strategy to help them develop and monetise their creations. Our lawyers have the specialist backgrounds required to understand the complex areas of the development process and will often advise on technical changes in order to maximise protection. With some of the highest buy outs being for app companies in recent years we can only see the demand for this expertise increasing. So don;t hesitate to give us a call and let us help you to protect the next big thing.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding It and Technology please don’t hesitate to contact us.