IP Valuations

IP assets are fast becoming appreciated for the value they add to companies. There are many reasons why clients seek to get an accurate valuation of their IP.

For instance clients could be looking to sell their IP assets to raise finance.

Also many lenders will now allow companies to offer up their IP as security against a loan, useful for clients looking to raise finance. The value of their IP will often effect the level of borrowing they are allowed and the interest rate upon which it is offered.

Upon insolvency the company’s IP can often be the most valuable asset left in the business, insolvency practitioners are often very interested in its value.

If you are involved in litigation regarding a piece of your IP, such as a trade mark, it is crucial to know how much it is worth when considering settlement options. You do not want to agree to sell your valuable trade mark for pennies to later discover you got a raw deal.

More generally the value of your IP assets will be important when considering the value of your company as a whole. This value will affect your business in a large number of ways and should therefore be maximised at every opportunity.

Here at Virtuoso Legal we specialise in helping clients identify and value their IP Assets. We are one of the only law firms offering clients the opportunity to affix a value to their intangible assets We are able to do this due to our large wealth of experience and specialist network of contacts in the industry. We have undertaken this exercise for a large number of our clients both big and small. Through this process we have helped companies raise outside investment, achieve larger settlement amounts and secure borrowing, all using their IP assets.

If you would like to speak to us about getting IP asset identification and valuations please don’t hesitate to contact us.