International Services

Virtuoso Legal enjoys an international reputation and we are regularly instructed to conduct matters that go beyond the jurisdiction of England and Wales. We are also repeatedly instructed by clients and lawyers from overseas who are seeking a local specialist to conduct or advise them on complex matters.

The type of international work we do is as follows:

International IP Protection – We regularly advise clients on protecting their IP globally. We provide extensive registration and watching services to ensure that clients can get protection in any country they wish. Important to this service is our ability to advise clients on the suitability of any international registrations. We do not like to see clients waste money on pursuing international rights and are often instructed to pick up the pieces when it has all gone wrong.

International Litigation – Due to the high value and cross border nature of Intellectual property we are often instructed to act on claims that involve one jurisdiction. We regularly act for clients who are pursuing people across borders. We have also successfully acted for clients who are defending a cross border action. In particular Virtuoso has been instructed by international clients to commence and defend proceedings that have been issued in the COurts of England and Wales. We are regularly recommended as an expert firm within the UK and we have achieved numerous wins for our clients in this regards.

International Trading – For most business’s to expand their only option is to look to trade overseas. Here at Virtuoso we work closely with groups such as UKTI to help advise clients on successfully trading overseas. We help clients arrange their transactions in a way that best protects their interests and their assets. It is important for anyone looking to trade abroad that they get advice from an expert before they commence trading.

If you would like advice on trading internationally please contact us.