Database Services

Much of the content of this page runs in tandem with the advice we provide in our page concerning confidential information.

However databases are the assets that can make or break a business. They accordingly require a specialist approach when dealing with any issues involving them. At Virtuoso Legal we have acted on many matters relating to breaches of a database. These breaches are by far the most common matter that we find ourselves instructed on. The unfortunate point is that in most of these cases the problems were easily avoidable. Had the company engaged an expert to advise them on the management of their database they would not have put themselves at risk of a data breach.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the matters we regularly advise clients on in regards to their databases.

Database Security – Unfortunately not enough of our clients engaged this service prior to encountering a problem with their database. All it takes is for one disgruntled employee to cause incalculable damage to a business. These dangers can be avoided if you engage an expert to advise you business on the strategy it should adopt when managing its databases. Virtuoso Legal regularly advise clients on implementing database controls that limit access and allow the business to monitor database access attempts. Further we can look at your database architecture to point out any weak spots that allow users access to files that they simply shouldn’t have access too. Engaging an expert at this stage is far cheaper than having to deal with a breach or even the loss of your database.

Breach of a Database – In most cases we are instructed by clients to pursue parties following a breach of confidential information. This breach has usually arisen due to unfettered and unmonitored access of a database. In these cases time is of the essence and you need an expert who understands the urgency of the matters at hand. Here at Virtuoso Legal our experts have taken part in a large amount of matters concerning databases. Our solicitors understand the stakes and will work as hard as possible to make sure that your interests are secured. In past cases the solicitors of Virtuoso Legal have obtained blocking injunctions within 36 hours of a reported breach. In other matters search orders have been obtained within 24 hours of a reported breach. We have then subsequently commenced court action to provide our clients with the remedies they were due. Our solicitors are qualified to conduct search orders and have  the industry contacts to ensure that your data has the best chance of being recovered.

If you would like to discuss our services relating to databases please contact us. If it is an urgent matter relating to a breach of a database please call Liz on 07834129522.